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Functionality & Stability




The YH623 has QCC3020, which is an aptX enabled Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 Chip. During my time of testing I ran a couple of times with the YH623 and the connection was very stable, I had no problems with it. (Other than randomly pausing by touching the faceplate, thanks to touch controls) The codec is aptX and it supports up to 350 kb/s which is around 100 kbp/s better than SBC/AAC. With the touch controls you can accept and refuse calls, skip to the next/previous song, can connect to Siri and reduce and increase the volume.

I have also conducted call quality test and the YH623 is only mediocre at best doing this. If you’re in a really silent environment and you’re a loud talker, you’ll have no problem with the YH623 however. Latency is not bad and YouTube actually is fine, it’s not perfect but it gets the job done. The majority of the users will not even notice the delay. I did had some latency issues with Netflix 4K but when I forced Apt-X via the Android’s developer options, it was fixed. Just so you know.

Sound Signature

This for sure is a basshead’s IEM, let’s make that clear first. If you’re looking for clarity or technical finesse, look elsewhere. This is the IEM of that guy who during college had a BMW E30 with 32” subwoofers in the back, and always listened to bass boosted tracks. If you’re that guy, or you absolutely love bass, go for this IEM.

Finding an IEM like this is quite rare nowadays as the market tends to go to a more audiophile-grade sound signature. It is nice to see IEMs that are specifically made for low end frenzy, but not everyone will like this.

Low – Mid – High

As stated before, this is a bass boosted TWS. Bass comes before everything else and the tuning revolves around bass. It has the rumble, it has the power, it has the depth. The bass quantity is definitely more than what I experienced before and this may be the most serious bass oriented earphone I’ve ever tried.

When there is no bass, you hear a thick tonality of mids and recessive treble. Vocals – unfortunately – are being suppressed by the overpowering bass and therefore the resolution is not very good. The sound stage is rather congested and feels claustrophobic. If you manage to eliminate the technical side in your head, the earphones are quite fun to listen to, especially with artists such as AVICII, Martin Garrix, etc.

The treble extension is limited as well. There just is not enough definition to it and you often lose track of the treble. Instrument separation also suffers from the lack of air in the stage. Unfortunately, the ear-shattering bass response comes with consequences. For the sake of science, I EQ’d the lows around -20dB and evaluated them again. The YH623 actually has decent resolution and clarity after doing that and the rest of the spectrum felt airier. However, there is still reasonable amount of bass even with such drastic EQ. 

Kinera YH623

Kinera YH623


Lypertek TEVI (89$)

The similarly priced TEVI has better control and sounds more balanced across the spectrum. It has much better resolution and has a wider, deeper sound stage. Presentation itself is much more relaxed and instruments have good positioning. That all results in better imaging. It’s a much better TWS IEM.

Redmi Airdots (24$)

Airdots have a similar sound signature. They also have recessed mids and elevated bass response and the resolution of the two is similar. The Airdots’ bass does not hit as hard as the Kinera’s. Both of the earphones have midbass bloat. The Airdots have more sparkle in the treble section compared to the Kinera. At he same time, the YH623 is a trouble-free earphone compared to the Airdots and their connection issues.

Xiaomi Mi Sport Youth (29$)

This earphone is an interesting one and it’s a neckband type. I wanted to put it here because it offers really good resolution and clarity for the asking price. Just don’t expect bass to do wonders here. Sound stage is wider but not deeper than Kinera’s and the signature is flat. It does have great treble extension. The fit and comfort of the YH623 are much better than the Mi’s though. 

Hifiman TWS600 (199USD)

Absolutely a huge contrast to what the YH623 is offering. These guys have very flat low end, wider sound stage, much better resolution, better imaging and overall better everything. Except the low end presentation of course. Hence also the price difference. Comfort and fit wise, the Kinera is a step or two ahead however. Bassheads, steer clear of the TWS600. 

Last Words

If you’re a fan of a bass-heavy all overpowering presentation, then go for this earphone. What you will experience is quite unique and I suppose it can be really fun if you manage to see past the technical side of things.

The pair do is sweat-proof so you don’t have to worry about your earphones during intense workouts. Bass boost, of course, gives you extra strength! Another plus side is that the YH623 uses QC3020, which offers a quite stable connection. You won’t have Bluetooth issues. The carrying case is compact and it won’t bother you in your pocket.

All around, it is safe to say that this is a good earphone….for a basshead!


4.5/5 - (163 votes)


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    Thanks for the honest review. Those are hard to come by.

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