Lypertek PurePlay Z7

Lypertek Z7

Battery Life

Lypertek never disappointed me here, they tend to fare above the industry standards when it comes to battery life and the Z7 is no exception. The charging case holds around 70 hours of juice, which is amazing compared to many TWS on the market and each earphone can play for 10 hours so, in total, you have around 80h of juice. That’s brilliant if you ask me. If you want to talk numbers, the case has a huge 700mAh battery inside and the buds have 50 mAh batteries each. The case charges around 2 hours and can be charged wirelessly. The buds take around 1.5h to charge fully. Kudos to Lypertek for this, really. I often forget to charge the case, haha.

PureControl App

Lypertek has an app both for iPhone as well as Android devices. You can use the app to update the firmware of your IEMs and I successfully updated the firmware of my Z7 from v1.3 to v1.4. The process took around 15 minutes and it was quite easy. I checked the Play Store reviews and saw many negative comments, I honestly don’t know why though. My experience was quite positive with the app. Additionally, there is a built-in EQ in the app as well. You can also see the disconnect history of your earbuds and see their last location on the map. The features in the app work and I didn’t encounter bugs during my time with it. You can reach Lypertek’s support page through here, for firmware and more.

Mic & Call Quality

Just like many TWS IEMs without awkward rods we’ve tested before, the Z7 has cVc 8.0 noise-canceling mics placed near the faceplate of the earphones. I have conducted several call quality tests and like many of its kind, the quality deteriorated with background noise. However, in quiet places, they do an okay job. Sadly, this is the common problem of TWS IEMs and I am quite curious how the technology will overcome this problem in the future because I don’t really like IEM housings with awkward rods sticking out. Additionally, the HearThrough mode works okay and lets you get a hold of your surroundings a little better, however, I wouldn’t trust it with my life!

Lypertek PurePlay Z7

Sound Signature

Lypertek PurePlay Z7 sounds balanced across the spectrum with a small bass emphasis. The bass boost gives it a nice warmth but nothing too serious. It sounds clean, dynamic, and vivid. It is easily one of the best TWS earphones that we reviewed here. The resolution and the technical capability of the Z7 are very good. It has a relatively big soundstage with good depth for a TWS. It seems that Lypertek nailed the tuning of the Z7. 


The bass extends to the sub-area with authority, it is especially nice to hear clean and neat bass from a TWS. The midbass has good body and does not feel too much or too little in quantity. Compared to the old TEVI, Lypertek increased the amount of bass to make it more engaging and vivid. The bass is punchy, strong, and authoritative. The texture is great and the control is really good. It does not bleed into the midrange or take your attention from the rest of the range. The dynamic driver has no trouble catching up with fast and congested passages that feature multiple percussion instruments on the stage.


The midrange is somewhat sweet with good note thickness. The presentation is breathy and clean with a good amount of detail. Vocals and mid-dependant instruments feel natural and organic. I don’t get to say this often with TWS earphones so that’s nice. The upper midrange follows the rest of the mids in a relaxed and sweet way. Their clarity is impressive and they are tuned in a way that you always know that they’re there but they never try to steal the show. In fact, the whole spectrum acts this way. If you ignore the little boost in the low range, the whole presentation is quite balanced. The upper mids are never harsh or bright. The hi-hats and cymbals feel natural and airy as well and the extension is really good.


The treble reproduction of the Z7 is precise. It has a clear, airy but also relaxed treble presentation. The quantity is adequate, it is neither too little nor too much. The quality, on the other hand, is very good for a TWS. The resolution is very good. They catch your attention without impacting the overall coherency of the earphone . The treble has good attack and decay as well, sounds defined and accentuated as it should. 

Technical Performance

For a TWS, the technical side of the Lypertek PurePlay Z7 is certainly impressive. It has a wonderful PRaT and the transients feel agile. The balance is really good with increased fun factor from the low range. The soundstage is wide and deep for a wireless product and it feels like a proper wired IEM with well-mastered tracks. The instrument separation is impressive and you have a clear idea about the positioning of the instruments on stage. The layering and imaging are quite good because of that. Overall, the technical capability of the Z7 is nothing short of excellent. 

Lypertek PurePlay Z7


vs. Lypertek TEVI ($89 USD)
The TEVI sounds more linear and flat compared to the Z7. The Z7 has higher resolution and clarity while having a bigger, better bass response. The staging feels similar but the imaging and layering are more precise on the Z7. The instrument separation is more distinct, too. Both of the earphones are great contenders in their price bracket and both are solid options to consider, sound-wise.

vs. HiBy WH2 ($159 USD)
Compared to the WH2, The Lypertek PurePlay Z7 has a higher resolution and its clarity is superior. Additionally, it has a more impactful and authoritative bass with better PRaT. The Z7 sounds more “alive” and more vivid. Also, instrument positioning is more distinct on the Z7.

vs. RHA Trueconnect 2 ($149 USD)
RHA offers a warmer presentation in comparison. The Lypertek PurePlay Z7 has a more relaxed presentation whereas the TC2 feels a little cramped in comparison. RHA’s sound stage is more intimate and instruments are tightly packed compared to the Z7. RHA’s note weight is thicker and it sounds more romantic. The transients feel much faster on the Z7. Additionally, the resolution and clarity of Z7 are superior compared to the TC2..

Lypertek PurePlay Z7

Last Words

Once again, Lypertek didn’t disappoint me with its excellent sound quality, long battery life, stable connection, and comfortable fit. It is a great TWS that is tuned to impress audiophiles who want more on the go. Additionally, the Lypertek PurePlay Z7 comes with a great charging case that looks chic and elegant. The whole package has brilliant build quality. These are all hard-to-beat features and the price is really good considering the sound quality it offers. If you’re in a market for a balanced, Hi-Fi TWS with a dynamic and vivid presentation, the PurePlay Z7 is a must-try. I recommend it to all the fans of the wireless world. The Z7 is now featured on our Recommended Buy list where it’s in good company.

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  • Reply July 30, 2021


    No reviews posted before I purchased the Z7s.
    How long did you spend using them before you put up your review?
    Good sound but . . .
    1. Difficult to get out of case.
    2. Easy to fumble and drop.
    3. Difficult to fit Flexifit foam tips.
    4. Difficult to identify left from right without glasses.
    5. Difficult to pair and reconnect before updating firmware.
    6. App unusable unless audio source is the phone — too bad if you’re connected to TV.
    7. Some functions like aptX require app to enable.
    8. Can’t tell Amient from non-Ambient mode.
    9. Quick start guide supplied but where’s the proper manual with the detail?
    10. Spelling errors on otherwise polished Lypertek website.

    • Reply August 11, 2021


      I used them around 3 weeks.

      1. I haven’t had this problem, since the back of the device is larger than other earphones, I did not have a problem with removing it from the case.
      2. TWS earphones are small, so I do not perceive this as a product-based criticism.
      3. That’s right, the core stem should definitely be wider.
      4. I never look at the L-R indicators, the shape is enough for me to identify the left & right, you too should be able to identify them easily after a week of use.
      5. I have seen many negative comments on the Google’s Playstore comments, however, my update and pairing process went totally breezy, I suppose it depends on the Android phone, version and other variables.
      6. I think that is related to the on-board memory feature, it applies to all TWS that has no on-board memory (right now I can’t remember any tws that features on-board memory, they are rare)
      7. My phone automatically detected the AptX Adaptive codec and set it as the default with the Z7. This is also a software-based issue.
      8. The Ambient Mode in many of the TWSs only good for hearing the cars, trucks etc. around you. At the same time, you can use this mode when you are in a quiet environment and do not want to take off your headphones when someone tries to talk to you. I say quiet environment because many of the TWS on the market, especially those without the ”rod-design” lack proper mic-performance. No matter how good microphones you use, it’s a physical and acoustic problem and very difficult to get right without affecting the design. I hope technology finds a way to overcome this problem soon. This is the case with 20+ rodless TWS I tried.
      9 & 10 – I’ll be sure to notify them.

      TWS earphones have a long way to go but due to their popularity, they are being developed fast which makes me excited for the future. Thanks for the comment Chris, I hope you’re happy with the Z7. Stay safe out there!

    • Reply November 13, 2021


      This is my first day with the z7 after I sent back my TEVIs which had connectivity problems and these aren’t faring much better. I’m left wondering if this review isn’t a paid one from the company given how perfectly everything works for them, meanwhile, I’m on my second product (sent directly from the company) and it still isn’t working properly.

      I’m disappointed because I was so excited to get these earbuds back and assumed this would be better.

      • Reply November 15, 2021


        That’s interesting. We don’t do paid reviews and therefore everything I wrote reflects my own honest experience with the product. I use the Z7 regularly with Xiaomi F2 Pro and Xiaomi Mi9SE. It works seamlessly with both of these phones. Your phone (the RFI, board isolation etc) may be the culprit here, I honestly have no idea. If you’re not happy with the product, return it, there are alternatives.The bluetooth sphere is expanding every passing day and there will be a lot of new products this winter.

  • Reply July 30, 2021


    The provided tips aren’t very good. I’m using Final tips, which work way better. I also want to order some Azra Crystal tips, a lot of people rave about them. You have to set up the EQ to a subtle “V” formation for these things to come to life, but when you do they sound great!

  • Reply August 1, 2021


    Just received my Z7 today. Initial impression is pretty good. However, my pair turns out to be defective since one of the nozzles came loose.

    I have a pair of Noble Audio Falcon. I found the Z7s to be on similar performance level to the Falcon. The Z7s have slightly better fit for my ears. Very similar sound signature. But the Falcon has superior imaging to the Z7s. I find the imaging of Z7s to be not quite coherent, especially when listening to symphonic music. The issue is not as noticeable with most of the pop music I listen to. So, I don’t think I will be need a replacement but a full refund instead. Overall, I think they sound very pleasing for the money. But for me, the imaging of the Z7s is a big deal breaker.

  • Reply April 4, 2022


    Will have to agree with Brandon; haven’t even been using them for a day before sending them back. Connection dropped about every 30 seconds (haven’t had this issue since the BT4 days and even back then it wasn’t this bad). Also, a background hissing so loud that I took them out thinking there is something going on in front of the building. Other than good (please note that I didn’t write great) battery life there are really no positives. To sum up: terrible connectivity, hissing and average sound (when it’s working) and the lack of features when looking at this price point makes this a hard miss. Very disappointing, I used to love the TEVI…

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