Master & Dynamic MW07+ Review

Master & Dynamic MW07+

Fit & Isolation




I have spent many hours with the MW07+ and all my sessions went great with no discomfort of any sort.

You have a lot of tips & wings variations available and you should take your time and find the best option for your ears. This is the only way to get the best possible fit and of course, seal. M&D also developed silicone fit wings for a snugger fit. These “wings” will hold on to the antihelix wall of your ear. I personally found my snug fit combo. I can run for as long as I want, without thinking about whether my iems are going to fall or not.

As for isolation: the shell profile provides a mediocre passive noise cancellation at best. According to my findings, this is especially dependent on the tip selection. If I go ahead and use aftermarket double flanged tips, isolation improves greatly. Though that comes with a cost, double flanges do not fit in the battery case at all. I will talk about active noise cancelling in the features section.

Connection & Stability

You can’t go wrong with Bluetooth 5.0 and a good implementation. That is the case with MW07+. I had absolutely zero issues and the signal was never interrupted during my time with MW07+. Plus, I can go around my house freely, even through 2 walls. A job well done if you ask me. As for the latency, my brain sensed a slight delay while playing games via my android phone but YouTube and Netflix seemed normal.

If you’re concerned about range, it is safe to say that you can just launch your favourite playlist and leave your phone in the gym locker. I sincerely believe that the MW07+ will not disappoint you here. Additionally, you can use either of them independently as well. This feature was not present with MW07(nonplus).

Master & Dynamic MW07+

Master & Dynamic MW07+

Functionality & Features

This part is important, as I will try to compile all the features of MW07+ here. Shall we start with 2 active modes? First mode is called the “Ambient Mode”

In this mode the MW07+ turns on its microphones to raise your awareness about the outside world. Perhaps your wife is ranting about why you did not buy a Louis Vuitton Edition MW07+ for her. (Yes, M&D has a collaboration with LV.)

The other active mode is the “Noise Cancelling Mode”. MW07+ has a feed-forward active noise cancelling technology built-in and this is, perhaps the one thing that I expected to be better about the whole package. It works but it is subtle. It can cancel out the noise of my triple fan GPU but that is pretty much it. It works best with low frequencies and it does not really have an effect above 2k, I think. It is nowhere near to some of the NC industry giants such as Bose. If you’re going to buy them for this feature, don’t. But here are other major points to buy them for, we’ll get to them in the sound section, so stay tuned.

Let’s talk microphones. We are actively reviewing TWS earphones and this microphone thing is getting out of hand. We know that it is a physically challenging feat and we hope that manufacturers come up with a better solution. To overcome this issue, M&D used two beamforming mic arrays on each side. Compared to what we reviewed up to this date, they do the best job yet of cancelling the chatter noise around you. However, the actual definition and clarity of your voice is not yet where we want it to be.


Master & Dynamic MW07+

The Proximity Sensor. The MW07+ has a proximity sensor on each side and this sensor provides the ability of auto playback whenever you insert them and pause whenever you move them away from your skin. This feature really increases the premium sense for me and I think it is a great addition to MW07+.

Moving on to the battery, the MW07(nonplus) only had a 3.5h battery life and 10h in the case. The “Plus” HUGELY improved this by providing 10 hours from the earphone + 30h in the case. This is the type of improvement we, consumers, like to see. The battery life is simply amazing. I often forgot to charge them during my time with MW07+.

Water Resistance. The MW07(nonplus) had IPX4 whereas the new MW07+ has a rating of IPX5. You have no reason to be worried as it is basically weatherproof. No amount of rain will intervene your relationship with Buika and her angelic voice.

The part on sound can be found on page three, after the click here or by using the jump buttons below

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