Master & Dynamic MW07+ Review

Master & Dynamic MW07+

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The MW07+ has a lively, exciting sound signature that can be described as warm-ish neutral.

The tonal balance is really good, there are no abrupt peaks or dips. I characterized it as warm-ish because sub-region has this slight elevation, which contributes to the harmonics and excitement section of the general signature. The rest of the bass region, however, can be classified as adequate. The MW07+ has silky textured mids, which are of high resolution and has extended, transparent treble.

The resolution is quite high, definitely belongs to the top tier of TWS IEMs at the time of the review. The sound stage is well-defined but not particularly wide. The width surpasses the depth by a small margin. It is adequate, it has enough room for the instruments to play freely, without any congestion. Instruments have enough air between them and therefore separation is quite good. The layering and imaging is very well, thanks to the tidy stage.

As stated above, the MW07+ has no abrupt peaks or dips, it is coherent. As for the PRaT, the MW07+ is definitely not the fastest IEM but it stands its ground very well in the TWS world. PRaT is good given the fact that it is a TWS and it should be judged as one. Dynamics are good, the very well tuned signature makes an impactful contribution here. The MW07+ does have a great midrange: it is richly textured, gentle and clear. The upper mids have a really subtle elevation, providing the MW07+ with a little clarity boost. Not by any means sibilant or sharp.

Master & Dynamic MW07+

Master & Dynamic MW07+

Moving on to the treble, they’re breathy, transparent and refined. The extension is quite good. If you go ahead and look at “Morning After Blues” by Sonny Stitt, you hear the breathiness of the Sax and the resolution of the highs with ease. Lastly, I want to talk about low region. This is not a basshead earphone, not even close. It has good, impactful subbass, and adequate bass response. It’s there when the track calls for it. For example, go get any album of the band “LCD Soundsystem” and you will feel the whack effect of the dynamic driver.

All of these traits make MW07+ a great all-rounder for the price in the TWS world.

Last Words

The Master & Dynamic MW07+ is a versatile earphone. From the audiophile point of view, you get an exciting, well-tuned sound in a Bluetooth enclosure and that doesn’t happen very often.

As I stated in the features section, the noise cancelling feature definitely needs improvement so do keep that in mind to prevent any NC based frustration. Other than that, the whole package is really good. You get plenty of accessories, a really well-made, unique looking, chic earphone with an elegant stainless steel case and a canvas pouch. The battery life is amazing, it has fast charging and it has virtually no connectivity issues.

By looking at the total, I am proud to announce that the MW07+ deserves to be in our HFN Recommended buy list!



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