Noble Falcon ANC Review

User Experience

My experience with the Falcon ANC has been very positive so far, as I haven’t encountered any problems. Overall it’s a great experience with easy connection and good sound, which is the most important aspect.

The only thing I don’t quite like is the fit. This new Falcon ANC has a classic TWS design which has “fins” for calls and ANC features. So the fit isn’t like the Fokus Pro, Falcon Pro or the original Falcon. Those have a deep insertion with the right ear tips, but the Falcon ANC has a different nozzle angle. The earpieces are bulky but the nozzles are short, which prevents a deep and flush fit in my case. This of course is a very personal topic as my wife had no trouble at all while wearing them.

The range overall is quite good but don’t expect to hear them from the other side of your house. The battery life is very good and you can use the earpieces for long periods until the battery dies down on the main case.

The case has a USB type C port for charging and you have 4 LEDs for the battery information. It has about 30 hours of battery life so you can charge your earpieces about 3 times before hooking it up to a wall charger. Charging time is about 1 – 1,5 hours. Answering calls is straightforward and during my voice calls, I didn’t receive any negative feedback.

The ANC feature works well and once you start the music, it’s very hard to hear the outside noise, even in crowded and noisy areas. I can’t say it’s magnificent, but it blocks a good amount of noise. The earpieces have an IR sensor which stops the music when you remove the earpiece from your ear.


For operation, there are no buttons and the operation is carried out with a touch-sensitive approach. When the music is on, a single tap to either earpiece stops the track. Another tap makes the song continue. The same thing applies to calls for answering and hanging up. For controlling the volume, you need to tap the left side three times for cranking it up. For lowering the volume level, you need to tap two times.

At first, this is not quite easy to get used to, but after an adjustment period, you become very familiar with it. For skipping a track you need to tap the right earpiece twice. For the previous track, you just tap three times. This operation is flawless overall but when you’re doing activities it’s a bit tricky to touch the exact area on the faceplate.

Falcon ANC Application

You can set up those touch assignments above based on your preferences on the “Noble Falcon ANC” app, which is on AppStore or Google Play. The application is sleek and it’s very simple to use. On the main screen, you have basic information like the battery levels of both earpieces and the audio codec type.

You get general settings for language and firmware version information. The “function assignment” setting lets you set up the touch assignments as you like. In the “EQ setting”, you have a classic 10-band equalizer. You can save up to 3 EQ settings. There’s also the “Hear Through” switch below, which lets you use that function.

You can switch on/off the ANC function as well, and you can set up the ANC levels with Low, Middle and High. The same goes for Hear Through setting. There’s also a “game/regular mode” switch. This one selects either a low latency mode that prevents any lag in the sound or a multi-point mode that helps you connect multiple devices to your TWS.

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