Noble Falcon ANC Review

Sound Quality

The sound of the Noble Falcon ANC is dark, a bit veiled and it has a lot of low-end thump and rumble. It’s certainly a different flavour compared to their previous TWS models. I think Noble chose to go with a classic TWS sound, instead of an “audiophile TWS” tuning.

Overall the presentation has a heavy-hitting bass, smooth mid-range and easy-going treble. There’s a lot of sub-bass presence which is good for movies and games, and popular music.


The bass is very strong and textured with heavy emphasis in the sub-bass region. If you like your music with some oomph, then the Falcon ANC is your choice. The impact and rumble are very satisfying, especially with more popular music genres. I liked listening to RnB songs with it.

The kick of the bass is also impressive and the mid-bass area is nicely pronounced as well. because of the huge sub-bass focus. This could be changed via the EQ feature of the Falcon ANC application, which is very handy. The earphones respond very nicely to the built-in EQ on the app, so playing the bands back and forth is so much fun to do.

After playing with the EQ you can have a better balanced and natural bass response and since the dynamic driver has good attack and speed, the bass quality is very good.

Overall the bass performance is very impressive but this much bass might not be suitable for all. If you’re not very fond of the incredibly rumbling sub-bass, it can easily be changed with the EQ feature of the app as I remarked.

So all in all this is a very impressive bass and EDM music lovers will probably like it. However, if you like a more natural bass response with more realism, this bass quantity is over the top. Lows still have good quality, but they lack speed and control though, so it’s a bit boomy. After I set my EQ setting, it’s much better with a better pace and speed.


The mids are not recessed, opposite of many TWS models on the market. With the Falcon ANC, the mids have good note size and vocals have good definition. This is the best region of the Falcon ANC in my opinion, as you get good resolution and refinement here. This is an ideal presentation for the lovers of vocal-oriented genres, Instrumental Music, Jazz, or Classical.

Although the vocal presentation is favourable, the resolution and transparency are not on the same level as the Falcon Pro. Dynamics are good, fidelity is nice with a very organic nature. The mids are still quite good with good instrument separation and positioning, but the resolution is a bit lacking.

However the note size is big and because the mid-bass has a good body, the lower notes of the instruments are very impressive. So presentation-wise this is a very good TWS IEM in the mid-range. There’s no doubt that it’s great for vocal-oriented genres.


The treble is extended nicely with good detail and articulation. Micro-detail performance is very good for a TWS as well. However, the highs are smooth and the definition is not the best. So this soft and smooth treble response might not be your cup of tea, especially if you like your treble more aggressive and accentuated.

Treble tends to be inoffensive, so if you like your treble to be rich, forward, and apparent, the Noble Falcon ANC is not your choice. If you’re sensitive to treble, it’s very ideal. The resolution and detail are pretty good though. The overall resolution and detail pickup are good too, which proves that the Falcon ANC has good fidelity for a TWS. So the technical performance is good here, but you might not like the presentation depending on your preferences.

Again, the EQ feature of the Falcon ANC App helps brightening up the treble to have a more pronounced, bright and crispy treble response.

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