Review: Oriveti OH500 – Tasty


vs. iBasso IT04500 $

The IT04 is a great universal IEM. It again has a semi-custom shell with wonderful fit and isolation. However the OH500 is built better in my opinion, and appearance-wise it’s also one step ahead with it’s aesthetics. When it comes to sound, they perform very differently. The IT04 is somewhat neutral to the OH500, with less bass quantity.

So if you would like to have more bass with better texture and layering, the OH500 wins. It also performs better in mid section, providing a better timbre with a richer presentation. Treble-wise I think they’re close but the IT04 gives slightly cleaner highs. Oriveti performs better in stage width and similar in depth. It’s more cohesive though, which is a very strong point of it. So it’s a tough choice but I would personally choose the OH500 because of its warmth, tonality success and full response.

vs. Acoustune HS1551cu450 $

The Acoustune has a tremendous build quality but with a problematic fit. The OH500 is the more ergonomic IEM when it comes to that. They both give great bass response for the money, but I simply think that the OH500 performs either similar or better in everything else. Especially the tonality side is stronger in it. The style points also go to the Oriveti in my opinion.

Oriveti OH500

vs. Moondrop A8 – 670 $

The OH500 is clearly miles ahead when it comes to bass response, but they both have strong mids, although with different characters. Treble is better with the A8 with more extension and clarity, but the OH500 wins in tonality department which is not surprising. However, the A8 clearly gives more resolution and transparency. The soundstage is also bigger with Moondrop. It also fits better with it’s semi-custom shape. So all in all, if you want to have a lush sound with good bass, the OH500 is your choice. But if you prioritize the transparency, clarity and soundstage, the A8 is the one to pick.

vs. Oriveti OH300 – 300 $

So which one to choose from the new Oriveti IEMs? Although the OH500 is obviously better with a higher price tag, this actually still is a choice in terms of taste. I think this is just like choosing between the Sony WM1A & WM1Z. Yes, that’s a huge difference in price when compared to this, but it’s a similar kind of choice. The OH300 sounds more neutral and linear. The OH500 on the other hand is lusher, warmer, more organic and musical with better technicalities. So it’s just like the two Walkman players to me. You don’t have to go with the more expensive option here. Consider your own equipment, source and personal taste and decide that way. Linearity or lushness? That’s the question.


Oriveti came back to the market in a timely fashion with their new IEMs. With an aggressive price policy, beautiful ergonomic design and great packaging, the new OH series certainly tick lots of boxes. And that is why they’re now both in our Best Universal IEMs List.

The OH500 in particular, reminds me one of my favorite IEMs ever, the Oriolus MK2. To achieve that with a fraction of the price is somewhat remarkable to me. It’s not the MK2, but it comes close. Very impressive.

I recommend these two new IEMs from Oriveti to everyone who’re looking high quality IEMs for their money.

Oriveti OH500

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  • Reply August 5, 2019

    Michael Gunin

    Sounds like my tonality. Any chance to compare with Periodic Be?

    • Reply August 6, 2019


      I don’t have that one, sorry.

  • Reply August 29, 2019


    Thanks for great review. I have purchased OH500 and absolutely love the signature which simply sounds right to me comparing to other IEMs. Have you tried to AB compare the OH500 with Oriolus MK2? Would you consider MK2 an upgrade to OH500 in terms of resolution? Any other differences you observed? I saw that graphs are pretty similar. Thank you 🙂

  • Reply September 9, 2019


    Any feedback on comparing it to Oriolus MK2? Would you consider Oriolus to be an upgrade to OH500?

  • Reply September 12, 2019


    My sources are HiBy R6 and R6 Pro balanced with silver plated copper cable, original 3.5 was no go with details retrieval. I use stock black silicone tips with shallow insertion as I found them resolving the best treble and bass. I am only slightly annoyed with 2Khz spike.
    We have similar signature preference. BYW, I have just ordered K10U to AB as it is one of your favorites and I hope for better isolation to use in airplanes.

  • Reply September 22, 2019


    Berkhan, any feedback on AB with MK2? Thanks!

  • Reply October 2, 2019

    Lord Sinister


    Can someone from Headfonia compare these IEM against each other?
    oBravo Cupid
    Oriveti OH500
    Dunnu DK-4001
    RHA CL2


  • Reply October 5, 2019


    How would the OH500 play with an IBasso DX120?

    • Reply October 8, 2019


      I wouldn’t recommend that pair. A more open and neutral sounding source is a better choice in my opinion.

  • Reply December 22, 2019

    Mark Jones

    Would the OH500 pair well with Sony WM1a,specifically out of balanced with a Forza Hybrid cable?? Thanks!

    • Reply December 25, 2019


      Yes: It is a very good match as I myself tried it many times.

  • Reply December 25, 2019

    Mark Jones

    Many thanks! Merry Christmas!!

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