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Ultrasone IQ And IQ Pro

Disclaimer: Both Ultrasone IQ and IQ Pro, were purchased by me through Audio One, an online retailer here in Japan. IQ pro starts from…

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Cayin C5 – Bubbly, Baby!

Disclaimer: Cayin graciously provided the C5 amplifier for the purposes of this review. The C5 goes for about 170$, and doubles as a charger…

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LinnenberG Vivace DAC

Disclaimer: the Vivace was loaned me by Linnenberg Audio, Germany. After discovering how much I loved the DAC, LinnenberG offered me to use it…

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Portaphile Micro – unTexan

Disclaimer: I borrowed both Portaphile Micro amps for a recent shoot and decided to review them on my own terms. Portaphile’s new Micro headphone…

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Amplifier Recommendations

On this page, you’ll find the best amplifiers and our recommendations of this moment. Looking for the best amplifier on the market? This ever-evolving…

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