Picture Report – High End Munich 2016 – Pt 2

If it weren’t for Nathan’s PhatLab articles he posted, I would have probably walked by the Phatlabs booth without knowing what an awesome amplifier they have on their hands. The Phantasy sounded incredibly good and the volume knob was so nice to turn. Nathan is actually right for once. I kid, although I really preferred the Phatlabs over the Sassy. The other interesting news is they will be launching a portable amp with an integrated phono stage very soon. I can’t wait to hear that!


SPL is one of those brands you just can’t walk by without trying their Phonitor


Pioneer’s booth didn’t impress me too much although there were a couple of Master 1 headphones and the DAP of the month. Great wooden box though.

Pioneer (2)


The guys from Pro-Ject Audio – the company that got me hooked to vinyl – had one of the biggest stands of the show and they were showing cool stuff like this vertical turntable, their new DAC Box DS2 Ultra and so much more. Nathan will actually be reviewing a couple of their Box Design units on HFN very soon.

Project 2

Project 3

For Pro-Ject’s 25th birthday their CEO Heinz came up with this new anniversary turntable called “The Classic”. I had seen pictures of it before but it looked a whole lot better in real at the show. I didn’t get to listen to it though. Bummer.

Pro-Ject Audio

Questyle was one of the brands I was looking forward to most at the show and they didn’t disappoint. I actually stayed there for over an hour and now we’ve got some review samples coming our way. ..


RHA is one of those brands everybody seems to love. What I like most is that their products each time seem to get better while always having competitive prices. The RHA boys and girls simply rock.


Sennheiser came with the new Orpheus and the HD800S which we’ll be reviewing over the next few months.

Sennheiser 1

They were also showcasing the HD650 in combination with the Apogee Groove. I’m a big fan of the HD650 on tubes and I’m sorry Sennheiser, but this to me just didn’t sound right.

Sennheiser 2

The Shure product I like most is the SE846 IEM but I can’t really call myself a Shure-boy. Sure they were displaying the SHA900 and others but the coolest thing at their booth undoubtedly was the Shure microphone spotlight.

Shure 2


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  • Reply May 12, 2016

    Rasmus Horn

    Thanks for the pictures. I wish I had a job, that would take me to High End in Munich. It looks like a fun (and expensive) place to be.

  • Reply May 13, 2016

    Rob Senner

    “Phonitor is one of those brands you just can’t walk by without trying.”

    Should be SPL, Phonitor is the name of the amp.

  • Reply May 13, 2016


    That’s a lot of work, and a lot of lustworthy items to check out. Thanks!

  • Reply July 30, 2017

    Gianni Marcolli

    Please hear again Leben CS 300 (with NOS Mullard) with Sennheiser HD 800 and let me know the result.
    It seems that only you was not blown away for this combo.

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