Picture Report – High End Munich 2016 – Pt 1

AUNE also had a small but complete booth at the show

Aune 2

I just love how AUNE uses colors, I’m a big fan of their design.

Aune 3


The Auralic team wasn’t really showing of their headphone gear and this was the only unit in their booth. With an Audeze Headphone. Nice to meet up with Summer though.


Audeze wasn’t at the show and that was quite the surprise. It also showed that more and more brands are starting to use Hifiman headphones where a few years ago, you would mostly see Audeze…

Beyerdynamic DT1770

Beyerdynamic traditionally was there with their full line-up. Most people seemed to be interested in the new T1.2 and the DT1770

Beyerdynamic T1V2

Burmester: The only non headphone booth I stopped by. The things they can do with car stereos are impressive. For only €6500 you get a TOTL sound system installed in your Merc. The only problem is you first have to buy the car.


Andy from Cayin came all the way over to show us their tube Hifi tube gear and headphone amps

Cayin 1

Cayin 2

Most people however were interested in the brand new to be released i5 and the new desktop amp

Cayin 3

Cayin Andy

I absolutely loved the i5. Too bad it doesn’t have a balanced output but the Android systems make using it a pleasure (think X7)

Chord 1

The UK based Chord Electronics had their own private booth in hall 3 or 4 with a bigger setup that was all about their latest creation, the “Dave”. I have to say it is an incredibly unit to look at but I didn’t get a chance to listen to it. Of course the Hugo, Hugo TT and Mojo were present all over the High End show at a lot of headphone booths.

Chord 2

Then there also were smaller booths like the one from Comply, but how much room can in ear tips take, right?


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