Picture Sunday: Auris Audio HA2-SE

Disclaimer: The stars in this weeks’ picture Sunday are the Auris Audio HA2-SE and the Chord Electronics Hugo 2 . This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series.

The Auris Audio HA2-SE has quickly become one of my favorite tube amps in my collection, and it actually has become my most used amplifier overall. It’s so good in fact that it made me move the Violectric V281 in to storage. The Auris Audio HA2-SE, especially with upgraded tubes, sounds extremely good and if you’re keeping an eye on the audio/amplifier market you can see Auris is conquering it quickly.

In stock form the HA2-SE sounds good but when rolling in Mullard EL95 in combination with a Phillips, Mullard or Brimar 12AU7/ECC82/CV491 it really becomes extraordinary. The combination where the Hugo 2 feeds the HA2-SE also simply works very well. As reported in our double Hugo 2 review here and here, the Hugo 2 has a sound signature which is more digital like the Mojo but its resolution, stage and everything else simply is so good, that it makes the perfect companion for a tube amp.

If you’ve been following Auris Audio or if you’ve been reading the latest show reports, you’ll know by know that Auris very recently developed the Headonia headphone amplifier. I have ordered one already after having listened to it several times during High End in Munich and Canjam in London. The Headonia – a 300B or 2A3 based amp (buyer’s choice) – sounds extremely good but for its €6000 price is should, and it is an improved version of the HA2-SE.

I like to compare the HA2-SE and Headonia to the Hugo 1 and Hugo 2 as they’re both improved versions of the original. And while Hugo 2 works perfectly with the smoother HA-2SE, I’m not sure yet if it will work as nicely with the cleaner and more neutral Headonia. Maybe the smoother, softer and more analog sounding original Hugo will be the best source to feed the Headonia… We’ll know soon enough even though there’s no delivery date for my Headonia yet.

Both the HA2-SE and Headonia look and sound really good and Auris guarantees a perfect build quality. With great looks and even better sound, I’m sure the Auris gear will be featured many more times on Headfonia.com. Call us fans!

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Lieven is living in Europe and he's the leader of the gang. He's running Headfonia as a side project next to his full time day job in Digital Marketing & Consultancy. He's a big fan of tube amps and custom inear monitors and has published hundreds of product reviews over the years.


  • Reply August 28, 2017

    eric THEROND

    hi Lieven
    we share the same feeling for this lovely head amp…
    especialy the tube rolling.
    another great combination , different but very qualitative with classical musique
    is EL95 EI + ECC 802 S Tesla
    give it a try you should be surprise to discever this other face.
    thk ou for yurs very interessing reviews.

    • Reply August 28, 2017


      Thank you Eric, I just did an offer on a ECC802S Tesla. thanks for suggesting this tube.

  • Reply October 8, 2017


    Hi Lieven,

    Just got my hand on this amp, and i will try it with my Hugo 1.
    Did you try this combo? If yes how would you describe it compared to Hugo 2?

    I should mention my prefered headphone these days is the HD800s and I’m actually trying to warm them up a bit (am listening to classic music these days (oboe) and i quite enjoy vocals like Johnny cash…
    Correct me if i’m wrong but since the Auris is somehow quite neutral for a tube amp, and Hugo 2 is also more digital and transparent (?), I thought i would benefit more from the warmer hugo 1.

    Thanks as always,

    • Reply October 8, 2017


      Congratulations. Great amp. I think you made a right choice with Hugo 1, the only recommendation I have for you is to change the 12AU7/ECC82/CV491/802S to a better tube

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