Picture Sunday – CustomArt Fibae 7

Custom Art Fibae 7
These are our first impressions with the Cayin N6ii as source:


– Fast and great PRaT
– Neutrally smooth tuning
– Natural sound
– Excellent vocals
– Great dynamics
– Technically strong
– Good separation
– Energetic and lively presentation



Bass is fast, tight and precise but it isn’t the biggest body wise. Bass reaches down fairly low with good layering but the real sub bass isn’t always present. It’s neutral, non elevated bass but greatly done.

The Mids are extremely musical, nicely spacious and so dynamic. You get a musical, smoother presentation in which the upper mids and the vocals get the focus. Voices are somewhat more forward but never too much. They’re very important in the FIBAE 7, that’s granted, but at he same time they sound natural and realistic. Sound stage wise this might not be the widest sounding monitor, but because of the spaciousness and separation, the FIBAE 7 never sounds intimate or “small”.

The Treble is the part where the  7 perhaps shines most with great extension, spaciousness and layering. Treble is precise, detailed and energetic without ever getting too hot or without ever becoming sibilant.


I’m a big fan of the FIBAE 4 but this new FIBAE 7 is playing in another, a higher category. FIBAE 7 is technically superior and more reference sounding. It really sounds special and for the price it’s going for it’s hard not to get several awards this year. Yup, it’s that good.



The full review? Soon my friends, soon…


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    Hi Lieven,
    how would you compare CUSTOMART FIBAE 7 vs. Lime Ears Aether R? I’m looking for a TOTL IEM in the EUR 1000,- price range, prefer fairly balanced, but musical sound with slightly forward mids.


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