Picture Sunday: Fresh out of the Box

The star of this week’s Picture Sunday is the Luxury & Precision L3PRO DAP. Check out other recent Picture Posts Here, and Here.

I have to admit this is a picture I like a lot myself . The Luxury & Precision DAPs don’t only sound extremely detailed and musical but they also look good. You either love or hate the design of something but I really like the work of the Luxury & Precision designers. I’m also a fan of the Astell & Kern design and I think the AK70 and AK380 look stunning.

The difference with the L&P brand is that almost all of their DAPs – Except for one of the 5-series – all look very much alike. If you like their house design, that’s a good thing of course.

Today’s picture was first shown on our Instagram account where we at least post one – in our view – great picture each day. Some of those pics make it to the Picture Sunday series but most of them don’t so don’t forget to check out the Headfonia Instagram stream.

What DAPs do you think look best, price no object? Let us know in the comments.


Picture Sunday: Fresh out of the Box
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