Picture Sunday – Hidizs x NF Audio NF-3U

Disclaimer : the Hidizs NF-3U were sent to us free of charge, in exchange of an honest (upcoming) review. Meanwhile, please enjoy the sunday pictures !


Hidizs is a surprising brand, for me at least. When they launched their first DAP, the AP100 a few years ago, never would I’ve thought they would become as successful as they are now. Don’t get me wrong, the AP100 was a great performer for its price range, but the UI was… strange and fiabilty was not the main point of this player.

Fast forward to 2016, Hidizs launched their crowdfunding for the new, upgraded, AP200. It was a blast, becoming one of the most, if not the most backed DAP project on the platform, beating the Pono to its game ! Even more surprising, it was as promised : a great performer, well-built and available for an aggressive price.

Since then, Hidizs produced a new range of products with the DH1000, a portable DAC we reviewed. A smaller DAP named the AP60, we also reviewed. And now a new earphone, made in association with NF-Audio : the NF-3U. A variation of the same IEM from NF-Audio, with more wood and a different tuning.

The Hidizs X NF-Audio NF-3U is visually stunning, blending wood, copper and transparent resin. Out of the box, the ears shine like gems and compared to traditional IEM/CIEM, they look much more luscious, or glossy. Even the touch feels premium, as when you’re closing a premium car door, it’s subtle but sensible and over time, it makes a real difference.

The backplate is made of Red Mahogany and it comes out nicely, very nicely. Thanks to the resin, the NF-3U backplate seems to offer a 3D effect under multiple light, the veins of the wood changing along. Side views are the most interesting, as you get to see and watch the full internal wiring of the NF-3U. It’s not especially intricate but these extra small wires always amazed me, audio handcraft at its finest if I should say.

The nozzle is made of an alliage of copper-zinc alloy, combining extra stiffness and good conductivity, promising “high-accuracy acoustic of horn”. In short, it should offer a natural sounding signature. All in all, it’s a great housing, even more fantastic if you take the price into account (a bare 499€ on Hidizs website).

If the bundle is a bit more light than traditionnal chinese brands, Hidizs offers a Pelican case for travel and a premium cable for craving audiophiles. The case is nearly indestructible and should come handy for more than just your IEM, I own a few of them and it protects your stuff as the brand states it : always and forever.

The cable of the NF-3U is made of Copper and Silver, more precisely it’s “eight core of 6N Single Crystal Copper and Silver”. Combined with the copper/wood design of the ear, it was a sure choice and it really stands out . Even the pins are made of beryllium-copper alloy, because why not ?

My only concern with the cable is the plastic used to fit above the ear. Without a metal frame inside they just make the cable float awkwardly. A strange choice for an IEM of this caliber. Even more considering the other side, Hidizs giving this inear one of the biggest, toughest jack connectors I have seen this past few weeks.

You want to know how it sounds, fits and feels? Next time pal, next time.

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