Picture Sunday – Jomo Audio Trintiy

Jomo Audio Trinity

In this Picture Sunday post we’re taking our first look at the new black brass Trinity by Jomo Audio.

Disclaimer: This post is part of our Picture Sunday series, where we take first looks at new gear in the queue. To check out more of these posts click here.

Jomo, I’m sure you’ve come across that name in the past. They have been playing the field hard lately, as they did attend several CanJam shows around the world. Jomo Audio is run by Joseph Mou (hence JoMo), a former broadcast engineer that turned his focus on high end In Ear Monitors a few years ago.

Jomo Audio Trinity

Jomo Audio Trinity

Since its introduction we have seen a lot of brands use the Sonion electrostatic tweeter. Last year Jomo stepped into the ring and announced their tri-level hybrid flagship – the Trinity. It uses an 8mm dynamic driver for lows, four balanced armatures for mids and highs and two of the aforementioned e-stats for super highs. To my knowledge it was one of the first models to use three different driver technologies, including the electrostatic tweeter. Now in the second half of 2019 we have seen many more of these come out.

We have covered Jomo’s creations on many occasions, and it was mostly Lieven who had the honours to do that. I’ve only covered the Quatre and PLB since I joined the squad. Lieven praises Joseph’s monitors whenever he can, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Quatre myself. Originally Lieven was supposed to cover Trinity as well, but things often come different than planned and here I am with the universal Trinity.

Jomo’s Trinity was available from start in two different flavours. They have the same internals, but differ when it comes to the nozzle and looks. There’s the stainless steel and the brass flavour, both are said to have different sound. I have never tried either one of them, as Jomo sent us the new black Trinity, so I can’t say for sure. Mine has a black brass nozzle and is supposed to be closer to the sound of the original brass Trinity.

Jomo Audio Trinity

Jomo Audio Trinity

The Trinity itself is finished beautifully, just like all Jomo’s designs. It has a dark blue/purple shell and a black-ish face plate with golden stripes. When I first had them in hands I was surprised by the size of them. I imagined them to be much bigger. That, however, is always welcome here. I prefer smaller IEMs with lesser weight. The Trinity stays safely put in my ears with no discomfort so far. What also surprised me was that there is no pressure relieve port for the dynamic driver. Usually when you get an IEM that uses a dynamic driver the shell has an exhaustion port. Trinity does not.

My early impressions of the Trinity are still forming, but what I can say after a week of listening is that it has a pretty strong sub-bass focus, a smooth and warmed-up midrange and a slightly shy treble area. It doesn’t crash as hard as other e-stat hybrids I know, but it tries to be more fatigue free than those.

I’m very eager to keep digging and find out more about Trinity’s strengths and weaknesses in the course of this review. Keep your eyes open and come back in a couple of weeks when we’ll have the full length feature of Jomo’s latest flagship. Stay tuned.

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