Picture Sunday: Lark Studio LSX

Lark Studio LSX

The Lark Studio LSX is a 10BA Driver flagship monitor from Lark Studio. Let’s take an initial look at it.


Disclaimer: This is a Picture Sunday post where we take a quick preview of various gear before their full review. You can take a look at our other Picture Sunday posts HERE. The LSX is a demo sample from Lark Studio and it’ll be returned. 


Lark Studios have made a great entrance to the market with their LSX, and I wanted to check out this highly regarded IEM before its full review. This is a brand with huge experience in the field and they only want to offer the best.

The LSX consists of 10 Balanced Armature drivers with a 4-way crossover design. It costs 1699$ for both the IEM and CIEM version, and you can have customized options with no extra charges. This obviously is the universal model, but expect us to review one of their CIEMs in the near future as well.

Lark has put considerable effort into this IEM, before forming its final shape and sound tuning. The end result is very good in terms of sound performance, and I think it’s already up there with the best you can get. Many companies try to achieve a sound which can be regarded as at the top of the line, but not every can actually get that done. Lark Studio has achieved that with the LSX in my opinion, despite it’s an early stage for me to make conclusions.

Lark Studio LSX

Lark Studio LSX


The LSX just plays beautifully. It’s silky, it has a high quality bass with very good presence, and it has that special mid character that I’ve heard with only a handful of IEMs. It’s euphonic and soft, highly controlled and rich, and it has great timbre. The note size is ideal, the background is very dark and the treble sounds soft but detailed if you focus while listening.

As you guys know, I love warmer IEMs with good body but that trait is not enough on itself. You need to hear those technical abilities that make an IEM either just “good” or “great”. And the LSX has the required capabilities to be regarded as a TOTL monitor. At this time, I can’t bring up any negative thoughts about it. Of course I’ll get into more details in the full review, and I will pick out any problems if they’re present, like I do with all my reviews. But at this particular time, I can’t find any significant weaknesses that this IEM has.

So I think this list material for me at this stage, but we will see when I publish the full review with all the details.

Lark Studio LSX

Lark Studio LSX

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