Picture Sunday: Vision Ears VE8

This week’s picture Sunday features the brand new Vision Ears VE8. To check out recent Picture Sunday Posts click HERE.

What you’re looking at here is one of the very first completed sets of the VE8 custom inear monitors by our friends from Vision Ears in Germany. After the launch of their VE5, which we reviewed almost two years ago, not a lot of news came from Cologne but now VE is back with a new 8 driver.

It looks like Vision Ears has been working a lot with wooden face plates and I have to admit that this new set looks really nice. Amin and Marcel know I like blue so the body color of the monitor is blue. The face plate – which VE chose – is very detailed and you can see the layering of the wood very nicely. You even see two different colors inside of the wood and that’s something special I haven’t (often) seen before.

This actually is the 3rd monitor in my collection that has a wooden face plate. A couple of years ago Rhines already created this really nice looking Stage 5 where the logos were burned into the wood.

Jomo Audio also frequently uses wood to finish their face plates and my Jomo 6R has a simple but elegant wooden finish.

Sound wise the VE8 is neutrally tuned showing a lot of detail. The VE8 has great layering, depth and is nicely extended. Bass quality is high, mids are rich and treble is very extended and energetic without being harsh. It’s very addictive. Expect a full review very soon!

4.4/5 - (12 votes)

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