Picture Sunday: Warbler Prelude

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I’ve been talking about the Warbler Prelude for over a year now I think and it’s such a wonderful and special CIEM to listen to. The review is ready for publication and as soon as we get the go from Warbler I will publish it on this site. I don’t think it should take too much longer.

The Warbler project started 5 years ago in a university dorm by a fellow audiophile and an engineer named Tahsin. While he was studying Mechanical Engineering in Middle East Technical University (METU) he also took acoustic lessons. The other guys working with Tahsin in this project are Baran (my contact) who’s in charge of Marketing and Supply Management and Hasan, an electrical engineer who’s in charge of customer relations.

Not that long ago Warbler launched their website and it can be found here: http://www.warbleraudio.net. I really like how my Prelude looks: with its amber colored wood-ish face plate, gold flakes and unique Warbler logo, it’s one of the prettiest CIEMs out of my collection. And it looks great in pictures too!

I won’t go into any details of how it sounds just yet, but if you’ve been following us on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, you know you have to expect a lot. If you’ve been reading Head-Fi, you also know that this CIEM is rated very highly by those who’ve heard it already. All I can say for now is that if you’re looking to get a custom inear and you’ve got a $1000 budget, you have to put this on top of your short-list.


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