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While I mentioned you can find more comfortable and flexible cables, how many of them can compete with the Silver+ in terms of sound? I would say not many.

If you’re into IEM cables, then you probably know that a silver cable usually adds more clarity and sharpness. That’s the most basic expression when it comes to silver wires. Well, surprise, the new Silver+ does that too. But it does that in an incredibly good way.

The new Silver+ boosts the IEMs’ resolving ability to new heights, adding extra clarity, sharpness, focus and definition. It doesn’t alter a selected IEM’s presentation apart from the treble boost, but the technical abilities that it provides to your IEM are excellent.

Resolution is the Name of the Game

It is a revealing cable that comes with a treble lift with a holographic but studio-type staging with a somewhat sterile approach. It expands the extension into the treble range and gives high-end notes more energy and sharpness with more focus. There’s a higher resolution over the whole spectrum and sharper imaging.

So overall, the new Silver+ is a fantastic example of properly-made silver cables. When they’re made this way, it’s fabulous to hear the micro details, extending highs and dynamic mid-range which is extremely clean. You can give the name “Resolution+” to this cable and it’d perfectly fit. One of the ultimate resolving cables that you can get below crazy price ranges.

So if you don’t seek out those hybrid alloy cables and simply want a perfectly clean-sounding pure silver cable, the Silver+ should be on your list. It’s resolving with a very sharp presentation and imaging. It feels like it cleans the mess up in the sound and gives a clearer picture of the whole recording.


The new PlusSound Silver+ is certainly a worthy cable for the company’s 10th anniversary. It creates a sound that has a wonderful resolution, transparency and clarity. It gives an accentuated treble response with great extension, and very clean mids with good dynamism, sharpness and definition. Lows remain almost untouched.

This is simply one of the most high-quality cables you can get in terms of pristine sound with ultimate clarity. This is kind of a “Sennheiser HD800 lover” cable. If you enjoy neutrality, focus, sharpness and clarity, or you’re in a position where technicalities are the utmost priority, the new Silver+ is your cable. No need to mention the impeccable build quality.

If you seek warmth, musicality, euphonic tonality or bass response, then it would be better to check Brise Audio, Effect Audio and so forth, or PlusSound’s own Hybrid+ or Copper+.

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