Q ‘n A Saturday: Vision Ears

HFN: How do you see the portable audio market in the future?
MS: We have seen a lot of changes during the last years and the market is changing very quickly. For a long time there was a „driver war“ going on which we never participated because we believe good sound is not a matter of driver count. I think this competition is over and now companies try to find another outstanding feature which is defining the selling point. This is much better than packing many drivers into a shell because it’s bringing true innovation and diversity. Generally I think that the balanced armature drivers which are used inside most In-Ears have reached it’s physical limit and in the next 2-3 years we will see a dramatic change in the driver technology.

HFN: What would you change about the audio market?
AK: Unfortunately it’s happening sometimes that products were copied. I don’t like and don’t understand this behaviour. People put a lot of effort and passion into their products and others just take it. That’s not cool!

HFN: Where do you stand on Analogue vs. Digital?
AK: Both worlds have their eligibility but I definitely think that the future is digital.

HFN: Are you aiming for specific signatures for every product?
MS: Always. This is the first thing we discuss before development: what should the new model do that others can’t do and how should the sound character be. And as with all our work, we go very deep into each detail during the development process until we are absolutely satisfied and convinced of the new model.

HFN: What was the most difficult iem to design for you, and why?
AK: The VE8, because it is always a challenge to find improvements when developing a new flagship model. Additionally we had to change the way we produce our shells and how to fill the shells with resin for the VE8 because we used backvented drivers for the first time.

HFN: What is your personal favourite product of any other audio brand?
AK: It’s always difficult to name a competitors product, but I always listen to models of other companies if there is a chance to, because this is giving you a feeling of where you stand. When I was in Tokyo in July I listened to the Flamenco of Jomo Audio and I really like it.

HFN: Are there any future products you can already talk about? If so, do you already have a rough time frame when we can see them on the market?
AK: We are always developing, but please understand that I cannot tell anything concrete. We will come up with a new model next year and we’re also planning to make an update of some older models we have.

HFN: What is your favourite DAP and headphone?
AK: I’m a huge fan of the Sony NW-WM1Z and I like the Ultrasone Edition 12 a lot.
MS: Like Amin I’m also a big fan of the Edition 12!

Marcel’s set

Thank you both very much for this insightful and great interview! We wish you the best of luck for your future and are looking forward to all upcoming Vision Ears developments.

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