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Astell&Kern Billie Jean



The segment Billie Jean is in is a tough one in today’s world, as there are many offerings in that price bracket. Unfortunately I am not in possession of many In Ear Monitors that come at that price point or with a similar one. For comparisons I have used the Mojo and stock cables. All mentioned prices are correct at the time of writing this review.

Noble Audio – Sage (2BA, 599$)

The Sage I hold up high for a few things: its balance, imaging and joyful tuning. The Noble and the AK aren’t too far off to my ears. While the Billie Jean is fuller and more organic, the Noble comes with deeper extension but a lighter presentation. The Noble also knows better how to throw a mean punch when needed, the AK to me has a more relaxed approach. Both have a slightly recessed midrange with moderate coloration in the lower mid department. The AK to me is more emotional and correct. Billie Jean also has higher resolution and transparency in its signature. Both have outstanding instrumental placement and imaging capabilities. Treble is where both models might differ the most, the Sage, though also revealing, has a more laid back sound, whereas the Billie Jean is more energetic and full of life.

Astell&Kern Billie Jean

Astell&Kern Billie Jean

Jomo Audio – PLB (3BA, ~510$)

Jomo’s Pretty Little Beast has a weightier midrange, with more body and texture. It also has a clean treble, though to me it is richer compared to the Billie Jean. Billie Jean is more energetic in its highs, with a brighter tone. The Astell&Kern also appears cleaner in its signature to me, where the Jomo can become slightly veiled. Both models have about the same extension into bass, but Billie Jean has a weightier and bigger body, bass also is better controlled. PLB sometimes has a bass that can sound empty. Resolution wise Billie Jean takes the crown.

Avara – AV3 (3BA, ~295$)

The Avara is the only custom monitor in this comparisons section, but it fits the price range and a comparison has also been asked for. So here it goes. The Avara to me is lighter overall. The Billie Jean has bigger body in bass and mids. The JH/AK monitor goes deeper into the low-ends and has more energy and punch in its sound. The Avara is a overall more balanced tuned monitor. Billie Jean has a warmer lower midrange with higher resolution and more accurate timbre. The upper midrange of it is also richer and more pleasing to my ears. Treble on the AV3 is lighter and can come across as a little shrill with the wrong songs. The Billie Jean also has a slight tendency to do that, but the Avara is more sensible to sibilance. Treble on the Astell&Kern IEM is more energetic and faster. The created sound stage dimensions on the AK are wider and deeper. Again, it beats the Avara in imaging.


This is the first universal IEM from Jerry Harvey that I can without a doubt say it fits my ears. I have good seal and the comfort is as good as it gets. Personally I like the red design with the carbon face plate. A concern however is the crack in the body. I guess if you’re a cable rolling enthusiast like myself you might want to do that with greater care and attention. The Billie Jean to me definitely improved with a good aftermarket cable.

Astell&Kern Billie Jean

Astell&Kern Billie Jean

Sonically the Billie Jean is a delight, great dynamics, well bodied, heaps of resolution and a clean signature overall. Bass is punchy, mids are well formed and rich and treble is energetic and fast. If you’re sensitive to brighter tuned monitors, you might want to give it a careful listen first, but to me, at this point there is hardly anything to complain about. To me there are only two things where the Billie Jean could improve, that’s extension on both ends and a more solid sub-bass foundation. At this price however, it is the best I have heard. I even go that far to say, it punches well above its suggested retail price and fights back models that set you back heavier.

Bravo Astell&Kern and Jerry Harvey, that’s a well done monitor right there. Up to the list of recommended universal IEMs you go!


A daytime code monkey with a passion for audio and his kids, Linus tends to look at gear with a technical approach, trying to understand why certain things sound the way they do. When there is no music around, Linus goes the extra mile and annoys the hell out of his colleagues with low level beatboxing.


    • Reply August 14, 2018

      Andrew Candeloro

      How would these be next the oriolus forsteni in terms of sound signature? Im leaning towards the forsteni but am scared of all the comments saying they are too hot sounding.

      • Reply August 15, 2018


        Hi Andrew,

        thanks for your comment.

        Sadly I have never heard the Forsteni myself. If you have the chance to audition Billie Jean or the Oriolus, it would be best to do that. I know people can be very sensitive to treble, and I said it in the review that Billie Jean might be too much for some. So you really should give it a demo if you’re concerned about it. I’m fine with it, but that doesn’t mean you are…


    • Reply August 17, 2018


      I originally planed to buy a pair of Westone UM 30 pro but my local shop stop selling them. I tries these out to see if they would fit my taste. I like what I hear except for the mid. I find the mid range, especially the vocal, to sound unnaturally thin in comparation to other iems i tried that day.

      Can you suggest other iem in the same price range with similar sound signature but fuller mid range? Thank you!

      • Reply August 21, 2018


        Hi Srs,

        I truly wish I could help you, but unfortunately I can’t. I know Berkhan is a fan of the Oriolus Forsteni, which has a similar price and might suit your taste. Though I’m not sure if it still is available.

        • Reply August 24, 2018

          Andrew Candeloro

          I’ve contacted oriolus and they said by end of August they should be available.

    • Reply November 14, 2018

      Sagar Shah

      Can you compare A&K billie jean with Etymotic ER4XR?

      • Reply November 14, 2018


        Hi Sagar,

        thanks for your comment.
        Sadly I can’t, as I haven’t heard this one, sorry.

    • Reply February 12, 2019

      Sandro Mosca

      How does the Billie Jean compare to the Weatone UM 50 Pro?

      • Reply February 14, 2019


        Hi Sandro,
        thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
        Unfortunately I can’t help you there, as I haven’t heard the UM 50 Pro, sorry.

    • Reply December 30, 2019


      Can you reply me with a comprison with billiejean and rha t20i

      • Reply December 30, 2019


        Hi Syam,
        I wish I could, but I haven’t heard the T20i ever. Also, I only do comparisons to models I have heard extensively and have at home. Anything else wouldn’t be reliable in my opinion. Hope you understand.
        Have a great 2020!

    • Reply January 11, 2020


      Hi Linus, just ordered a Billie Jean because of your review 😉

      Just curious, have you ever tried the AK Michelle Limited? I’m curious how it compares to the newer and cheaper Billie Jean.


    • Reply September 15, 2020


      can you compare the Billie jeans with the thieaudio L3 or the bgvp dm6 or fiio fh3

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