Review : BGVP DM6 – bulls eye

Design & Build Quality


Call me nostalgic but of all the materials available, I do prefer acrylic for my IEMs. I know, I know, I praised the BGVP DMG for their aluminum shell and I still prefer the look of the FiiO FH5, for example. But, when they’re inside your ears, nothing bests the feeling of good acrylic. It feels more natural, more organic and above all, softer.

We’ve seen some exquisite work regarding acrylic shell this last years, just think NF-Audio NF-3U and Noble to name two. Even more if you take in to account the number of CIEM brands, giving you a custom design so your monitors never look like someone else’s model.

The BGVP DM6 are available in various colours and finishes, you get the choice when you order them. I received the emerald/green version with the silver brand logo engraved on the faceplate. No matter what you chose, the whole shell will be translucent aside for the black/white version.

Like a CIEM, it’s possible to order a custom versions with your own design. Pretty neat !

Build quality

From afar, the BGVP DM6 doesn’t look any different from any other CIEM. There are no bubbles, no caveats and everything perfectly seals. Inside the monitor, you can see all the drivers wired to each other. And even there you won’t see a maelstrom of cables, but just simple pin-to-pin connections.

The nozzle is made of acrylic and not metal like with the BMG or the NF-Audio NF-3U. The main issue for me is the lack of a grill, to avoid unwanted dust (etc) inside the shell. BGVP provides a set of tools to clean up the nozzle, so clean them regularly. Better be safe than sorry.

Like USB-C in computers, the MMCX socket has become the norm and the BGVP DM6 makes no exception. The connector they chose is very very sturdy/tight, once the cables are plugged in you’ll have the hardest time removing them. This can be a good or bad thing, depending of how many times a day/week you change your cables.

Overall, it’s hard to find a real flaw in terms of build quality, even more if you take into account the asking price. And that’s all thanks to the progress of 3D printing, all hail technology prowess.

Bundle and Comfort

Inside the box

The BGVP DM6 comes in a small paper box, nothing fancy but nothing bad either, just plain. This time you don’t get to choose a mic/no mic cable, the brand always packs the high-tier cable.

Inside of the box you find :

  • the BGVP DM6
  • Six pairs of silicon tips + Comply Foam
  • one 3.5mm MMCX cable, the 6N OCC 8 core L-Shaped
  • a set to clean your DM6

Again, there is no pouch or case provided with the IEM. If it’s your first purchase, be sure to get one separately as it’s very easy to break a set of earphones.

Additional accessories

Last time, I told you BGVP was offering a 6N OCC Silver 8 cores cable for their IEM and how curious I was to try it out. Good news, it’s the one provided with the BGVP DM6 !
I have mixed feelings to be perfectly honest, so let’s sum up the good and bad about it.

Good :

  • connectors are solid and fancy, it’s made of metal and the MMCX seal is amazingly tight
  • sound wise, it’s a real step-up from the previous cable with a wider sound stage and better highs
  • the braiding is very good and you don’t have those strange knots visible on low-tier cables
  • it doesn’t tangle !
  • it costs 38$

Bad :

  • it feels rather cheap in the hand, the silicon used could have been better
  • it could cost more

The real drawback is the fact that you can’t choose the color of your cable during the order process. It’s either white or black, but you won’t know before you get the box in your hand.

Last but not least: get a box to protect your IEM.


I found the BGVP DMG pretty comfy, but the DM6 takes it to higher grounds. This semi-custom-in-ear shape fits perfectly in the ear and apart from the silicone tips, you may not see any difference from a standard CIEM.

To achieve the best design, BGVP cross-compared the data base of ear physiology provided by Siemens. With tens of millions of eardrums at their disposal, they ended up with an all-rounder design that should suit every listener.

The small curves adapt well and again I prefer the touch of acrylic, rather than aluminium. It just feels more natural to me even more if you begin to sweat. On a daily basis, it’s clearly superior to the BGVP DMG and I even find them comfier than the Hidizs NF3-U.


Surprise, surprise, the BGVP DM6 offers great isolation. Compared to the DMG, it’s a night and day difference and the DM6 completely cuts you off the outside world. I take the train every week so a good seal can be mandatory, even more if you’re surrounded by (noisy) tourists.

I kept the medium-sized silicon tips, I’m not very fond of comply tips on my IEMs. One small issue is how easy those tips tend to fell off, when you pull them off your ears. I already lost two pairs in two weeks, so you better be cautious.

For the specs, jump to Page Three, after the click HERE.


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    • Reply February 19, 2019


      These are not the slightest bit treble heavy. I would describe them exactly as he did.

    • Reply February 19, 2019


      Yeah, I wouldn’t call them treble cannons. I find them very neutral.
      Seriously, you have either faulty pair or using wrong tips/not getting seal.

    • Reply February 19, 2019


      How are these compared to Shozy BG?

      I’m in for some Chi-fi IEM’s around 300-400$ maximum budget
      I’m looking for something fairly balanced but more towards warmer side, with mids at least in line or a bit more pronounced than trebles.
      There’s so many of those new IEM’s it’s hard to choose. DM6 and shozy seem to be among standouts, even though they are only around 200-250$.
      Do you think either of these are a good choice or is there something that’s actually worth adding extra 100$?

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