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BGVP DM6 + FiiO M6 : the perfect lightweight combo, every one should have one of this in their pocket. The Sabre DAC gives plenty of dynamic and the DM6 shines in this regard. Bass can be a little shy but apart from that, it’s a great solution for an everyday low-cost audiophile combo.

BGVP DM6 + FiiO M9 : in term of details the difference is subtle but the lower section seems to come alive. IEMs can be tricky since their sensitivity is higher than standard headphones, leading to high volume but weak sound overall. If the DM6 + M6 combo was already good, you can really win a lot from upgrading to the M9. Better bass, wider sound stage and more control in every way.

BGVP + iBasso DX150 : strangely, I get the same amount of bass from the DX150 and M6. Speed and accuracy jumps by bounds and leaps with the iBasso player, there is a clear upgrade with the DM6 in every aspect. Expect for the bass which could be a little more punchy. Still, it’s less portable than the other by all means.


Last time, some of you complained about not having a comparison section. Here it is now :

BGVP DMG : the DM6 is simply better than the DMG It the DMG can be pretty good in silent environment, as soon as noise occurs you lose all the benefits of this hybrid configuration. If you prefer metal IEM and are on a low-budget, the DMG is a good choice but I’ll suggest to save some money and et the DM6.

Hidizs NF-3U : the Hidizs wins over the BGVP in terms of build quality. The silicon used feels and looks better, as for the cable which looks simple astounding. In term of comfort, I still prefer the DM6 and I can confidently say it’s one of the most comfy IEM available for now. In term of sound the NF-3U got those amazing trebles but the flat DM6, again, win me over.

KZ ZS5 : it looks like an unfair comparison, but why not ! The ZS5 is clearly the loser in term of build quality, it feels and looks cheap compared to the DM6, but they should be a little more sturdy over time. Sound wise, it’s a tougher fight than i thought, the KZ gives you more for the price (20 bucks) but the DM6 are still better at the end.

FiiO FH5 : build quality of the FH5 is unmatched in this price range, the aluminium/magnesium is both sturdy and light. For the sound, it’s hard to separate them, the FH5 gives you much more bass but the DM6 is unmatched in term of resolution. Clearly, it will be a question of personal taste.


The BGVP DM6 offers a lot, for less. The sound is great, the fit is nice and it fixes one of the major flaws from the BGVP DMG : poor isolation. It was my daily driver for the past few weeks and it didn’t disappoint me at any time. The flat signature combined with excellent comfort makes it the perfect choice for a first-timer.

For 200$, there is a whole range of solutions available but I think the DM6 is one of the best.

4.3/5 - (47 votes)


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  • Reply February 19, 2019


    These are not the slightest bit treble heavy. I would describe them exactly as he did.

  • Reply February 19, 2019


    Yeah, I wouldn’t call them treble cannons. I find them very neutral.
    Seriously, you have either faulty pair or using wrong tips/not getting seal.

  • Reply February 19, 2019


    How are these compared to Shozy BG?

    I’m in for some Chi-fi IEM’s around 300-400$ maximum budget
    I’m looking for something fairly balanced but more towards warmer side, with mids at least in line or a bit more pronounced than trebles.
    There’s so many of those new IEM’s it’s hard to choose. DM6 and shozy seem to be among standouts, even though they are only around 200-250$.
    Do you think either of these are a good choice or is there something that’s actually worth adding extra 100$?

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