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Design & Build Quality


Aluminium made IEMs are definitively a thing nowadays and the BGVP DMG is another proof of this trend. Like the FiiO FH5 Berkhan reviewed last time, the shell is made of Magnesium-aluminium alloy and feels light and sturdy. The finishing is superb and I couldn’t find any flaws on my IEM, the BGVP is first CNC-milled, then polished, sandblasted and finally carved.

The FH5 looks nicer to me thanks to its golden circle, but the DMG does not fall behind by any means in terms of overall design. I received the black version but you can also get them in blue or red to match your clothes or DAP.

Build quality

As stated above, the build quality of the BGVP DMG is mostly impressive. It’s smooth in the hand, the MMCX feels sturdy and once the cables are plugged in, they are so for ever. The nozzle is also made of metal, a good thing as most of the time they just add a plastic one and glue it all together.

If you look inside the nozzle, it’s actually a replaceable one. Yes, like the RHA IEMs back in the days, you can change the sound signature of your IEM simply by changing the filter. There are three sound tubes available :

black,  Original with balanced sound;
gold, Low-Frequency Enhanced for the bass-head
silver, High-Frequency Enhanced for the high-head

They are all well-made and displayed on a nicely trimmed metal plate. The cable is made of 5N single crystal copper with silver-plated wire. Depending of the version you choose, the cable can be either black or white and you can get a microphone… or not. I received the silver looking one and it feels really nice, moreover I doesn’t transmit much microphonics.

Of course, if you want to change the cable to use a more expensive one, it’s possible thanks to the MMCX sockets. As for my self, I was very happy with the one original one.

Bundle and Comfort

Inside the box

The BGVP DMG comes in a small box, nothing fancy but nothing bad either, just plain. On the side of the package, a small box is ticked depending on the version : mic or no mic.

Inside of the box you find:

  • the BGVP DMG
  • six pairs of silicon tips + comply foam tips
  • one 3.5mm MMCX cable, made of silver-coated copper
  • three sets of filters to change the sound
  • a set of earmounts

Sadly, there is no case or pouche provided with the DMG… Even if I’m already own many of them, a newcomer is always happy to get a case with their IEM, even though this IEM will withstand almost anything.

Additional accessories

On their website, BGVP offers one after-market cable : an impressive looking 6N plated copper silver cable. The plugs are all made of metal and the MMCX pins – if you ask me -look nothing less than amazing.

Sold around 38€, it’s available in MMCX, 2-pin and you can even get a 4.4mm plug to connect it to your new balanced player. I ordered one, out of curiosity so I will keep you updated as soon as I receive it.


Once you find the right ear tips for your ears (medium silicone for me) the BGVP DMG fits nicely. It’s a semi-CIEM design that covers almost all of the ear and once plugged, it won’t fall out of your ear. The cable is surprisingly light and again, I have to point out how well it protects you from microphonics, even more than my usual cables…


Strangely, the BGVP DMG is definitely not suited for “train use”. I had no issues typing my review while listening to them on the Thalys, but they did not block out the sound of the train when I used them. I first thought that was because of the vent-holes for the dynamic drivers, but I think that it might be the case itself that acts as a resonating box.

In the streets and at the office, I had no problem whatsoever. Only in the subway and when I took the train, so it’s a small mystery to me.

For the specs, jump to Page Three, after the click HERE.


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    I would like to see a comparison between BGVP Dmg and BGVP Dms… And yet you have not reviewed Dms

  • Reply August 4, 2019

    Mr. Ryan G.

    iBasso It01 or BGVP DMG?

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