Review : BGVP DMG – Combo Breaker

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Double Dynamic Driver

The BGVP DMG is kind of amazing in the sense that it’s a true definition of hybrid design : 2x Dynamic Driver and 4x Balanced drivers. Like a car, it can be a Toyota Prius… or a McLaren P1, both hybrid but I can assure you one of them is definitely more fun to drive than the other.

The real gimmick here obviously is the double dynamic driver. To achieve that, BGVP uses a double-moving coil driver constructed like this : Graphene + titanium-plated Dome Composite Diaphragm + CCAV ring AND a N52 magnet. Check the image below for a more comprehensive look.

This reminds me of the passive radiator used inside modern speakers like the Bose Soundlink or some KEF systems. If correctly used, it sounds amazing with abyssal bass in a small package.

Double (armatures)

The double-balanced armature units are respectively used for Ultra-high and Mids & Highs. To achieve this, BGVP has developed a proprietary 4-way frequency filter, which is impressive in its own way. At the end of the day, it gives you “full and perfectly balanced sound”, or so they say.

For ultra-high, BGVP uses a Knowles 31736 driver capable of reaching the 20kHz frequencies. For mids-highs, they use a Knowles 10006, another composite double balanced unit, linked to the four way crossover.

None the less, for 145€, that’s pretty impressive as a 4-way crossover is one of the most complex designs to achieve…

Full specs

  • Type : IEM
  • Style : Balanced drivers x4 + Dynamic Drivers x2
  • Crossover : 4 way
  • Drivers : Knowles drivers + Dynamic
  • Socket : MMCX (detachable cables)
  • Cable : 6N Single crystal copper and silver
  • Shell : Aluminium-Magnesium alloy
  • Frequency response Range : 15z – 45kHz
  • Sensitivity : 110dB
  • Impedance : 18 ohms
  • Price : 149$

Let’s talk about sound, after the click HERE or by using the jump below.


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    I would like to see a comparison between BGVP Dmg and BGVP Dms… And yet you have not reviewed Dms

  • Reply August 4, 2019

    Mr. Ryan G.

    iBasso It01 or BGVP DMG?

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