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Disclaimer: Effect Audio has been a site partner for a few years now, the Eros II+ cable was sent to us free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion. It doesn’t need to be returned but it will be available for the local community to audition.

Effect audio

Effect Audio is an aftermarket cable company located in Singapore that over the last few years has grown from a starter to one of the tone setters in the sector. We’ve reviewed a series of their cables here on HFN over the years but I use several of there other cables which I never reviewed, like their Audeze to Hifiman and Audeze adapters.

In 2009, Effect Audio was founded to meet the needs of a niche segment of the audiophile and music industry professionals market. Each cable undergoes precise fine-tuning and testing and their goal is to deliver quality value-for-money options. Effect Audio aspires to become the leading expert in the sound industry, especially where upgrade cables are concerned, bringing reliable and trustworthy information to their customers.

The cable we will be looking at today is the Eros II+, their latest addition to their expansive line-up.


The original  Eros cable is an OCC silver & OCC copper hybrid that is made  of cryo treated UPOCC (Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Casting) Pure Copper and UPOCC Pure Silver. The base core used in UPOCC is 7N (99.99999%) purity Copper and 5N (99.999%) purity Silver. They use the highest quality Mundorf SUPREME (Silver+Gold) solder on their cables. The original Eros had 26 AWG UPOCC silver and copper wires with a  polyethylene insulation/sheath.


The new Eros II is a redesigned and an improved version of ‘Eros’ that according to Effect Audio  features better ergonomics, offers more balance, more staging, and more vocals allure. Eros II also features a new cable geometry design, a far cry from your usual copper cables. The Eros II uses the 26AWG UPOCC Litz Copper / Silver Hybrid and has a proprietary multi-size stranded design within single encapsulation, flexible insulation and a new Effect Audio CF connectors and Y-Split.

As an addition to the Eros II, Effect Audio now launched the Eros II+ cable which is for people who want more out of their Eros. Eros II+ features better ergonomics and is a huge step-up from its predecessor, ‘Eros’. Compared to the regular Eros II it features 22 AWG in stead of 26AWG. When configuring the 4-wire braid cable in their webshop, the total cost of the cable is $359USD. This 8-wire version probably is a little more expensive.

Build Quality and comfort

As we are used to from Effect Audio (EA), the whole package screams quality. The new Eros II+ comes delivered in a good quality white box with a special cable inlay (see picture), it’s quite the change from the plastic bag their cables used to ship in years ago. It shows that EA strives to continuously improve quality and please their customers.


The cable also has a top quality finish and the ErosII+ feels light and flexible. The 6.3mm plug used is a new Furutech one and I have to say I quite like those new metal plugs. The Music Sanctuary Quartette mini Inter Connects I’ve been using lately also use these excellent plugs and I can’t complain about hem at all. The Eros II+ I received is an 8-wire braid (only available on request), measures around 1.2m and it is terminated in the new Furutech Audeze mini-XLR plugs.

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