Review: Flare Audio JET 1 & 2 – Mach speed

Sound – Jet 1
Above I hinted at above, JET 1 is easy to listen to over and again. You can practically rinse and repeat any genre, at any time, for any length of time, without fatigue. Part of that has to do with the balance between bass volume and its physical weight. Part of it has to do with an otherwise generally good balance through the mids and highs.
JET 1’s bass makes a big sound but doesn’t follow through with hammering, crazy pressure. I think I’ve previously used the metaphor of a billow of smoke (or wish I had). It’s kind of stinky to relate JET 1’s bass to a billow of smoke, but there are correlations. A billow of smoke is big and puffy, but stays gentle on the breeze. As a result, I can’t think of a better way to put it. JET 1’s bass goes low. Really low. You hear it. It will even yawn at the start of Marcus Schulz’s Mainstage. But it won’t beat you down and down and down some more with intense pressure that makes it a specialty earphone.
Despite this, it shows generally good low-frequency channel separation and texture detail. Don’t believe me? I’m not talking in riddles, I swear. Try JET 1. Just you try defining its big, but light bass better than I have.
It’s a casual, pleasurable basshead earphone, with as little and as much pressure as needed to keep a person listening and listening without fatigue.
Despite this, it carries on a damn good, sometimes emotional midrange crowned by crisp vocals. It’s truly amazing how well and clearly they stick out next to such a voluminous, billowy bass. Like its bass, its midrange is characterised by air, air, and more air. I’m not going to suggest that it sounds like a more expensive earphone, but I can firmly say that it sounds about as good as a 79$ earphone can.
Highs follow midrange pressure. They are clear, pretty open, and loud enough next to bass and midrange to skew to the neutral side of a gentle U signature.
JET 2 sound and more after the jump:


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  • Reply May 1, 2018


    Hi Nathan,

    Great reviews on the FlaresJet iems. I’m curious when you might review the FlaresGold. We had a small discussion about treble in the comments section on your review of the FlaresPro. I liked the FlaresPro, except for an issue in its upper treble tuning designed to be a hotter treble for the FlaresPro “live sound”, originating in the upper treble region.

    I’ve since returned the FlaresPro and purchased the FlaresGold. If you’ve read my posts on Head-Fi in the FlaresPro/FlaresGold thread, you’ll notice how often I write wonderful things about them. They resolved the treble issue – possibly moving the increased frequency to the lower treble, though I won’t know for sure until I get to see some measurements.

    I’ll wait on discussing more about the FlaresGold for writing a comment in a future review of it by you possibly. Again, I highly recommend getting the FlaresGold as soon as you can.

    • Reply May 2, 2018

      ohm image

      Definitely I will cover the Gold. Indeed, their upper treble is less hot, very mild in comparison with overall a similar sound signature, but one more amenable to long-time listening. Wonderful earphone.

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