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iBasso IT01

Disclaimer: The iBasso IT01 was sent me as a loaner from a fellow audiophile friend. iBasso is not connected with Headfonia or this review.


I don’t feel the need to introduce the iBasso brand again. If you haven’t heard about them, you can check their website here. It was a mysterious kind of brand in the past, but they’re more direct and more exposed to the market nowadays. The Turkish distributor of iBasso is a friend of mine, and I can tell you that many audiophiles buy iBasso products here. They became more and more popular with new fresh products, and the iBasso IT01 is one of them.

Recently, it is one of those brands that have been on the move. Their decision of entering the full size headphone (SR1) territory surprised me the most. The new IT04 IEM is receiving positive comments already, and it will be in the market very soon. Before the iBasso IT01 and IT04, the IT03 was the big shot and I myself can confirm it indeed is a fabulous IEM with great performance. I really liked the IT03 in my limited listening session with it, and I’m sure the new IT04 will sound great as well.

A sidenote: We had some news from Paul (iBasso) lately, and looks like we’re going to receive the new IT04 Universal IEM and the DX150 audio player for review. We’ll share the news once we have them!


iBasso proved themselves as a great manufacturer in terms of DAPs a long time ago, and the IT03 model was an almost perfect entrance to the in ear market. Today, the little brother, the IT01 is under our microscope and as I’ve remarked in its Picture Sunday post, it’s one hell of a monitor at this price. Let’s not spoil the fun though, and continue with our look at the unit.

iBasso IT01

iBasso IT01

This is a 100$ in ear with a single dynamic driver, which iBasso developed themselves in-house. iBasso claims that this driver thanks to their efforts is fast, efficient and that the resolution is on a high level . The driver uses a graphene diaphragm, and because it’s so thin, it brings a great level of speed, precision and low distortion altogether, also claimed by iBasso.

The IT01 is the most affordable IEM from iBasso so far, and at this price range the competition is tight. FiiO already proved that a brand with a very little history with IEMs can put out great products for the price nowadays, so let’s see how this one performs.


The IT01 has a simplistic and ergonomic design, which looks very nice and complete with the smokey black shells. The impression is sleek and nothing too fancy or eyeful. Yet, iBasso always has professional looking products and the IT01 continues to carry the legacy. There are also silver and blue/red color options, but to me black is always beautiful.

The shells are plastic but they appear to be of high quality, and I haven’t detected any cheap looking points. The earpieces are sturdy and seamlessly integrated. The nozzles are metal with filters on top and you should be careful about keeping them clean. The nozzles don’t look worrisome to me in any way. Overall, the build quality of the iBasso IT01 is very good top to bottom.

iBasso IT01

iBasso IT01

Fit-wise iBasso produced this IEM to fit very good to an average ear. Especially the concha area was kept in mind in the design process. Hence, this ergonomic pattern adapts to the ear nicely, and provides a good and secure fit. Just like the IT03, the fit is very nice, particularly with the right tips. As always, I should remark that fit is a different experience for every individual, but it was almost perfect in my case. Isolation is also good enough for a universal model.

iBasso provides a copper based cable with the earphones, and it’s a stock one for the IT01, not optional. I must say this is a wonderful inclusion for this price. The cable definitely improves the overall performance, making the earphones sound very dynamic with good body. For instance, I tried a standard FiiO mmcx cable , and the overall sound took a few steps backwards, especially for dynamics, transparency and overall body. Therefore, one should only praise iBasso for this quality cable they supply.

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  • Reply March 31, 2018


    Hey great review! I have the ibasso’s but I was wondering which tips do you like using on them best. I was either going to buy the spinfits or the spiral dots. I don’t really like any of the tips that came with the headphones.

    • Reply April 2, 2018


      Thank you.

      I don’t like the SpinFits. They make the isolation worse and bass response is somehow sucked out with them. Spiral Dots are good.

      I used it with comply foams and some generic silicone tips.

      • Reply April 7, 2018

        Ricardo Pinheiro

        In the photos you are using generic silicone tips? Wide bore?

        Great review btw, couldn’t believe the sound the deliver and the build quality for such a good price

        • Reply April 11, 2018


          Yes, some generic tips I used. Thank you.

      • Reply April 8, 2019


        What size (series) of foams did you use? 400 or 500?

  • Reply April 7, 2018

    Fredrik Parapat

    wow nice review. i am surprised you didn’t compare to 1More triple driver since both of them same price. I think ibasso win on cable side, cause it replaceable.

    • Reply April 11, 2018


      Thanks. Never heard the 1more.

  • Reply April 15, 2018


    Hi Berkhan, have you heard the Pinnacle PX/P1 before? Curious how these 2 single DDs compare 🙂

    • Reply April 16, 2018


      I listened the P1 just briefly but I liked the IT01 more 🙂

      P1 sounds off the tone and a little bright as far as I remember.

  • Reply April 17, 2018


    Ibasso is better tham Simgot EN700 PRO? thanks

    • Reply April 17, 2018


      Ibasso IT01

      • Reply April 23, 2018


        No idea about the Simgot, sorry.

  • Reply April 28, 2018


    Nice review, have ordered a set of the Basso’s to try. Will maybe pair with a mmcx bluetooth adaptor also (Simgot APT2) , as phone du jour no haz headphone jack, sigh.

  • Reply July 28, 2018



    • Reply July 30, 2018


      I think you can find them around the internet can’t you?

  • Reply February 7, 2020


    Hi! Thanks for your review. I have IT01 and I absolutely love them. Considering the price, it was probably my best hifi purchase. I had a few other more expensive IEMs which didn’t give me as much joy as these ones.
    I have some extra funds now and I am looking to upgrade my IT01. Just to get a bit more clarity and details. Could you give me some suggestions? I love IT01’s tuning so I am looking for a similar sound signature. Is IT04 a natural choice? or are there any better options (Fiio FH7)?

    • Reply February 10, 2020


      Thank you too.

      Yes, the IT04 would be a natural choice for you but I find the FH7 a little more successful as you can see in its own review.

      • Reply March 11, 2021


        thanks for the great test. which type of sony player is in the second picture?

  • Reply March 9, 2020

    Luis Daniel Bencomo

    For the same price would you get iBasso IT01 or Shozy Form 1.1?
    Please note, I like bass better than anything else .

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