Review : iBasso IT01S – Shine right like a diamond

Design & Build Quality


I received the smoke grey version of the iBasso IT01S and they are STUNNING ! The mirror finish combined with the grey tint makes them look like precious gem. I’m not sure my pics display how good they look in real life, but trust me on this, they are gorgeous. Out of the box, my impressions are a mixed. While the finish is still astounding, the fact that the shell is made of acrylic and not metal is a bit of a downer. Sure, I previously praised acrylic and how great it is compared to aluminium in term of isolation and comfort, yet for this one I would had loved to have them in metal. Call me irresponsible.

Ok, I’m not completely fair as the nozzle is made of metal, and not just any metal. The IT01S nozzle is made of 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel (non magnetic) for durability concerns. The cherry on the top: the filter is now removable, for cleaning purposes. Just twist it on and off, it’s as simple as that.

Build quality

Build quality is top notch. No gaps, no flaws and the electroplated finish won’t tarnish over time, all good news. My only issue would be the little silicon ring, found on the nozzle screen, which is very easy to lose. Fortunately, iBasso provides a pack of them in the IT01S bundle, in case it does happens.

The MMCX socket is sturdy and didn’t budge during our review. “Plug and unplug” is easy and in contrary to the BGVP DM6, you won’t be afraid of breaking the plug each time you want to do a cable swap.

Fun fact, the MMCX cable provided with the IT01S is exactly the same found with the BGVP DMG. Apart from one (big) difference, the termination is a 2.5mm TRRS with a 3.5mm TRS adapter. A great option in my opinion, I always use a 2.5mm balanced cable and add an adapter to avoid cable swaps.

Bundle and Comfort

Inside the box

The iBasso IT01S comes in the exact same box as the DX120 does. If you’re into boxes, just know that you get more than you’d expect in this price range.

If you’re just interested in the bundle, this is what you’ll find inside the box :

  • The iBasso IT01S
  • Eight pairs of silicon tips + two pairs comply foam
  • A 2.5mm MMCX cable. A 5N Mono Crystal Copper cable with a silver plated shield
  • A 2.5mm TRRS to 3.5mm TRS adapter
  • An aluminium case to carry your IEM, a very nice one even more !

If not extensive, the bundle is pretty complete in my opinion. There is more tips than you’ll ever need and the 2.5mm TRRS cable is a very sweet move from iBasso.

Additional accessories

If you want to change the iBasso IT01S cable, the brand has got you fully covered. Be it single-ended cables or balanced cables, they’ve got almost everything :

CB13 : handmade 8-wire braided cable. 5N mono crystal silver wire + 6N mono crystal copper wire. Terminated by a 2.5mm gold plated balanced TRRS
CB12S-4.4 : hand braided 8-wire balanced cable. 6N Mono Crystal Copper and Copper-Silver alloy. Terminated by a 4.4mm gold plated balanced TRRRS
CB12S : same as the above but in 2.5mm TRRS + 3.5mm TRS adapter
CB12 : same but without the adapter

And of course, iBasso also provides different DAP options to drive your IT01S. From the entry-level DX120 to the mid-high DX150. Both are great players in their own way, so feel free to check out our reviews.


If not for the BGVP DM6, the iBasso IT01S would have been my first choice in terms of comfort. But alas, the BGVP DM6 remains my top choice in this area !

iBasso provides a comprehensive set of tips with their IEM, so you should easily find the ones that fit you best. I stuck with the medium silicon tips, but if you want the best isolation/comfort, stick to the Comply foams. Kudos for the nozzle though, I never lost any tips when removing the IT01S from my ear, and that’s very rare with an IEM for me!


Even if there are two vents for the driver, the IT01S does a pretty good job in terms of isolation. I used them in the street, the train and even the subway and they gave me great results. Once the music is playing, you should be completely cut off the outside world, or at least from the most intrusive noises.

The only noise that gave the IEM a hard time were the clicks of my mechanical keyboard, but other than that, it’s very good !

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Review : iBasso IT01S – Shine right like a diamond
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    • Reply March 7, 2019

      wilmer parada

      What you recommend between this and de fiio 9 pro, i listen classic rock, funk, disco, deep house, etc. thanks…

    • Reply March 8, 2019


      Thank you for fantastic review. How would you compare IT01s to LZ-A4? I can get them both in good price and can’t decide. I’m looking for fun sounding signature to use them on daily basis, with lg v30.

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