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The treble section is also smooth and has warmth but it at he same time has enough clarity, energy and dynamics to deliver a contrast to the full bodied, very present bass. It’s lively enough to keep you on your toes and it just fits nicely in the sound signature that Joseph intended. Treble isn’t the clearest, most precise or furthest extended but it does everything to make the Tango musical and engaging.

I have really enjoyed listened to the Tango both at work, in the couch and on the go and it one of those monitors that can do it all. You can throw all musical genres at it and it will perform for all but I have enjoyed it most with the kinds of music where the bass is important. The bass just is so impressive that it would be a shame not to listen to music where bass is important.

7. Portable players & Co

Because of the bass heavier and full bodied sound of the Tango, I advise to use a DAP which doesn’t add any bass or ads extra warmth. I have mostly been using the Tango with the SP1000 as it is one of the cleanest, most precise DAPs that doesn’t add anything to the sound of the monitor you’re listening to. The other DAP I really like the Tango with is the Cayin Audio N8, in balanced mode.

DAPs like the SE100 and WM1Z for me personally made the Tango sound a bit too heavy, thick and warm for my personal taste, but that might be exactly what you’re looking for. DAC/AMP-wise I have been mostly using the Chord Electronics Mojo with the Tango and the combo is really good. Is there anything the Mojo can’t do? At he same time I would recommend using a cable with good clarity that also doesn’t add in any extra bass or smoothness. It’s especially in that regard that I found the 8-wire Janus Basso and Tango combo sound to thick and heavy. I advise a more neutral cable like the Leonidas, Horus or the Linum cables, as they complement the Tango best.

8. Comparisons

There are only three other 6-drivers in my CIEM collection and those are old. I’m talking about he 64 Audio V6S, the Cosmic Ears CE6B and the Jomo 6r. All three are no longer available so it’s not really of any use going into detail about the differences.

I will say though that the Jomo 6R is completely different from the Tango even though they share the same number of drivers. The 6R was a natural, extremely clean and precise, light bodied, neutrally tuned monitor and so it’s the opposite of what the Tango is today.

Looking at the Samba and the Flamenco I can perfectly see how Joseph positioned the Tango right before these. Between these two monitors, the presentation of the Samba is somewhat smoother. The level of body in the Samba is closer to that of the Flamenco with the bass switch in the off position. The Jomo Flamenco is wider sounding and like in the bass region, it offers more extension in the treble region as well. While the Samba already scores good on depth, layering, detail and precision, the Flamenco just does that bit extra. It’s more dynamic, rich, spacious and extended. I still love the Samba but my listening time now goes to the even better Flamenco. On top of that you can create different sound signatures with the Flamenco, where you only get one with the Samba (but a good one).

The Tango in regard to these really good monitors is situated just below them for what concerns technicalities and that’s only normal as well. Driver count isn’t always important but in this product line-up you clearly can hear a difference between the different models.


The Jomo 6R has been on our recommended list for a very long time. Now with the arrival of the completely different sounding Tango, I can finally retire it as a recommended 6-driver. Again, it is very different sounding from the neutral 6R but it is good in its own way.

The Tango is smooth and musical and with its bigger body and warmth it’s a musical and easy to like monitor. At the same time it performs really good in general and especially the bass, upper mids and layering in general are really impressive.

I wouldn’t just take the Jomo 6R of the recommendations list because there is a new 6-driver, but this new monitor really deserves its spot on the recommended CIEM list.

If you’re looking for a good monitor to have a hell of a lot of fun with, then the Tango has to be on your short list. Well done.


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