Review: Jomo Audio Quatre – La jouissance variable

Jomo Audio Quatre

Custom Build Choices (Personalization):


When looking at Jomo’s website, one thing will be clear when you want to order a custom IEM from them. There is no designer tool. Personally, I think these aid the customers a lot during the design phase and they sure help everyone interested to come up with the looks of their new monitor. Jomo takes new orders by regular order forms, where you can select from a multitude of different transparent and solid shell colours.
There are also many options for the face plate design. You can get logos laser engraved, get different printings on each site and if you want that extra sparkle you can get glitter face plates too. Of course, Jomo also offers Carbon fibre and wooden face plates.

Jomo Audio Quatre

Jomo Audio Quatre

What really impresses me though are their Signature Designs. These are a work of art and beauty. They all are designed by Joseph himself and ooze of creativity. They really are impressive and make your new CIEMs even more special.

You can get a look at the entire options here.

When Joseph asked me for my design, I gave him free hand, because I like what he has done in the past. The only restriction I gave him was: Not pink.

Not pink they are. Joseph sent me a purple swirl design that has some bubbles in it. On the right piece the word ‘Jomo’ is placed in golden foil in the middle. The model name can be found in the bottom corner of my left ear-piece, also in golden foil.

Jomo Audio Quatre

Jomo Audio Quatre


Once your new Jomo monitors arrive, you’ll get a cardboard box in which you will find a very cool and extremely robust black metal case. This case is personalized to you. I use this case on a daily basis, as it can take a good beating and protects my monitors heavenly.

Quatre will come, as mentioned above, with an Ares II cable in 3.5 mm stereo termination. Supplied as standard is a black (Balanced) filter. If you want to play around with the signature, you can get the other three filters for a 150S$ (~109 USD) upcharge.

The Ares II cable can also be changed to a 2.5 mm or 4.4 mm balanced version, you just need to tell Jomo.

You will also get a warranty card and a cleaning tool to keep your monitors free from ear-wax and debris. I recommend to clean your CIEMs on a daily basis. Included as well is a flight adapter and a 3.5 to 6.35 mm adapter.

When you decide to pull the trigger on the additional ACU filters you will get a jewelry like box containing a small metal screw driver and the filters. One thing I would like to see changed is the slotted head filters and the screwdriver. Not because they look bad (they really don’t), but because I find Torx screws much easier and more reliable to work with. It has happened more than once to me that the supplied screwdriver slid off and across the shell, leaving me worried of scratching my CIEM.

Jomo Audio Quatre

Jomo Audio Quatre

Build Quality:

I have a total of 15 custom monitors in my arsenal to this date, some of them are finished perfectly and some show mild flaws. Some monitors have bubbles in the shell, some face plates aren’t perfectly closed or there is residue of glue on them. The Quatre’s only flaw is that there is something small trapped in the acrylic of the right face plate. It sits above the logo and can be seen if you take a closer look.

Apart from this little incident, the Quatre is perfect. The face plate closing is excellent. There is not a single bubble in the acrylic and no signs of glue residue anywhere, not near the face plate nor near the 2-pin sockets. Speaking of which, these are of flushed design and therefore give you the freedom to use any 2-pin cable with it you want. As long as these are 0.78 mm in diameter. The ACU port and filters are placed near the anti-helix of your ear.

Jomo Audio Quatre

Jomo Audio Quatre

The canals stop slightly before the second bend and the monitor over all sits perfectly secure with great seal. Nothing beats the comfort of a good CIEM. My Quatre fits me perfectly and there is no pressure point felt anywhere.

Page three is all about sound.


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