Review: Linum SuperBaX – Switzerland

Linum SuperBaX


Linum characterizes the SuperBaX on their website to have amazing tonal neutrality. They could not be more right about this, as it really does nothing. Don’t misunderstand me though, it does not boost any specific frequency. There is no brighter, crisper treble. There is no smoother, fuller and more emotional midrange, and there is no tighter, more forward bass – none. This is absolute transparency.

Some might think this is a bad thing, but au contraire. This cable is the master when it comes to keeping the key-signature of your beloved monitor, but giving you the benefits of ultimate comfort. What the Linum does to the sound though, is enhance technical performance.

I noticed slight alterations in sound stage dimensions. The rooms were wider and deeper. The musicians were better separated and stood out more from a black background. The sound overall became cleaner to me. This is not to be confused with clearer. Cleaner as in better pronunciation and accuracy.

Linum SuperBaX

Linum SuperBaX


The Swiss like neutrality of the Linum cable makes it a very easy to pair with product. During the last couple of weeks I have used the SuperBaX with many different monitors, and none of them was a bad match.

FAudio – Symphony

The Symphony is a very balanced monitor with excellent price to performance relations. When I hooked up SuperBaX it kept the Symphony’s wonderful balance but enhanced imaging, layering and sound stage slightly. I also noticed a very gentle push of the lower frequencies, nothing dramatic.

JH Audio – Layla

A few weeks ago I have bought one of those EU4A adapters that let me hook up any 2-pin cable to my JH Audio monitors. I have spoken to Marcus of Headfonics about them a lot, and he always told me that a decent cable can bring the Layla’s to new heights. Right he was.

Linum SuperBaX

Linum SuperBaX

As with Symphony, SuperBaX didn’t really change much of Layla’s signature, but it really pushed her to new strengths when it came to layering, resolution, transparency and even imaging. The stock cable of Layla really holds her back, and that makes it somewhat fascinating that Jerry Harvey could create such a splendid monitor with such a crappy cable. With something of the quality of the Linum, you will completely rediscover Layla.

64 Audio – A12t

The A12t is my current favorite monitor of all 17 CIEMs I have. I love it for its wonderful sound with impactful lows, smooth mids and lively highs. The SuperBaX again keeps all of that in place, but adds a wider stage, enhanced transparency, better layering and imaging as well as a darker background. Plus it gives me the extreme Linum comfort. Awesome!


Linum has always been a brand that interested me. Lieven has been praising their cables a lot, and now I can fully see why. Not only are they perfect for any monitor under the sun, but they’re also unbeatable for their comfort. I am not a person that wears glasses, except for shades during Summer, but I definitely think that the SuperBaX would also be an excellent choice for everyone who needs them.

There is only one thing I would change about the Linum cable, and that’s the option for recessed 2-pin sockets. I would have loved to use the SuperBaX with my Empire Ears monitors, which have semi recessed connectors, but the very small 2-pins of the Linum made me not go this route.

Other than that, I think the SuperBaX is 100% spot on and deserves every praise it gets. Please give a warm welcome to the newest addition of our Recommended Accessories list.

Linum SuperBaX

Linum SuperBaX

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Review: Linum SuperBaX – Switzerland
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    • Reply January 11, 2019

      Ivan Parshenkov

      I’ve read a lot of good things about Linum, regular BaX is definetly on my to-buy-ASAP list.
      Could you get Linum Music and regular BaX for a review for budget-minded audiophiles?

      • Reply January 11, 2019


        Hi Ivan,
        thanks fir your comment.
        Check out Nathan’s article, linked at the end of the review, he wrote about them I think.

    • Reply January 11, 2019


      That’s the Noble Khan in the last photo? Also pardon me on this, but why would you not use the SuperBAX on EE IEMs? I don’t fully get what you mean re. the semi-recessed connector. Many thanks.

      • Reply January 11, 2019


        Hi Phil,
        thanks for your comment.

        Well spotted! Yes that’s the Khan. I wanted to sneak it in. You’ll be seeing more of it in future reviews and of course in the full length feature in a few weeks.

        The reason why it doesn’t work well with the Empire IEMs is that the 2pins of the SuperBaX are too small body wise. They do fit in, but it’s more difficult to grab and to get them out again… the universal IEMs of EE have flushed sockets, so there wouldn’t be that issue. It’s only the CIEMs.

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