Review: PlusSound Silver + Gold: X-Series

PlusSound Silver + Gold

PlusSound’s X-Series of IEM cables are amongst the most comfortable to wear. In this range customers can pick between eight different types of wires. Today we’ll look at the Silver + Gold.

Disclaimer: The Silver + Gold was provided by PlusSound at no cost. The cable will remain in my sample inventory for future reference. PlusSound is not a site advertizer and not affiliated with Headfonia. Many thanks for the generosity and opportunity!

About PlusSound:

PlusSound is an American company seated in Los Angeles that specialized in aftermarket cables but has also dipped their toes into the portable amplifier market. Last year PlusSound has also launched their new universal IEM lineup.

PlusSound has made its debut in early 2012 and has gained a lot of respect and interest for their outstanding products by the community.

Ordering from PlusSound is pretty neat and easy. You can go to their website, select the type of cable you want and customize the materials, terminations and even the Y-splitter and chin-slider.

Like most other cable-manufacturers PlusSound also provides you the opportunity to color-code your left and right side connectors on top you can also decide what color the logo on the termination should be.

We have covered many different products of PlusSound in the past, and if you’re interested to learn more, follow this link.

PlusSound Silver + Gold

PlusSound Silver + Gold

About the X Silver + Gold:

The X-series is PlusSound’s entry level IEM cable series. It features only one wire per side, making it a very lightweight and slim cable to run down your ears. As with all other PlusSound cable series, you get to pick between eight different materials. The most affordable of the bunch would be the pure Copper, which goes for 149.99$.

All wires are type 6 Litz and come with a wire gauge of 26AWG. The Silver + Gold features silver and gold plated silver wires.

Just earlier this year PlusSound has introduced their proprietary PS insulation, which makes their cables very soft and immensly ergonomic. I knew their X series cables from a previous review of the Gold-Plated-Copper, and even then the ergonomics were unbeatable. Now with the PS insulation at play, it has improved even further.

The X-Series Silver + Gold will set you back 299.99$ and can be customized in many ways. You have to make choices for practically everything, starting with the logo colors on the plugs, the Y-split material and even the chin-slider. PlusSound really cares about giving their customers a truly unique and custome cable.

PlusSound Silver + Gold

PlusSound Silver + Gold


When you order a cable from PlusSound you will get it delivered in a very sturdy and neat black cardboard box. Over the box you will see a paper-sleeve with a black cable on it. Look closer and you will notice that even this graphic shows the PS logo on each plug. The attention to detail is very nice.

On the back-side you will see short instructions for your new cable, unfortunately that is printed in black on a very dark gray background, making it hard to read.

PlusSound Silver + Gold

PlusSound Silver + Gold

When you flip open the box, you will be greeted by your new cable, securely packaged in a sealed plastic bag. You will however also find some new accessories in the packaging. PlusSound has decided to give their customers even more for their money and provide a leather cable binder, a cleaning cloth, an amplifier strap band and a cleaning tool for IEMs. I especially found the cable binder a very useful accessory.

PlusSound’s package was spot on before, but with the addition of the new accessories elevates that experience higher. Very nice from PlusSound.

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