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Simgot describes the EN700 PRO IEM’s sound as follows:

High resolution bass, smooth voice, suitable for all kinds of music

I have to admit that I’ve  mostly been listening to the Hifiman RE800 lately but coming back to the Simgot EN700 PRO was surprisingly easy, and that says a lot. As Simgot created two different sound signatures with the different tips, we’ll split up the part on sound as well.

SET 1: Powerful mid-high frequency. High resolution and penetration. Crystal clear sound.

The focus indeed is on the mid range but especially on the higher mids and the treble region. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any lower mids or bass though. With SET 1 the PRO sounds natural and clean and it especially focuses on the voices in the music. I myself appreciate these tips with certain types of music but certainly not all of them. Bass is neutrally present in general but when a bass track comes up on shuffle, the PRO SET 1 configuration can pleasantly surprise you with its impactful, punchy and deep bass (Tiga – Down in it). Like I already reported in the EN 700 BASS’ review the layering, tightness and detail aren’t the absolute best on the market but bass has good impact, punch, speed and it even reminds me of speaker bass. Admittedly when you’re listening to bass tracks, bass certainly is more present than “neutral”. With these set of tips, the voices are somewhat more upfront so it’s a matter of how you like your music to sound. Treble is energetic and lively but it to me never is harsh, sibilant are too much upfront. The level of detail, layering, sound stage and preciseness simply is good (and better than the bass version) and you get an even more perfect mix of quality and fun, making this an addictive and very enjoyable IEM.

SET 2: Enhanced bass and superior listening comfort. Outstanding attenuation of ambient sibilance. Neutral and bass-driven sound.

The bass and mids section with these tips get bigger body and as such make the SET 2 configuration bigger sounding with more impact. Bass and mids perfectly flow over to each other and most people who like bass will certainly prefer this configuration. Compared to the more V-shaped SET 1 presentation, SET 2 brings more impact overall with a deeper and full bodied sound. While SET 1 sounds more precise, clear and neutral, SET 2 brings bass, body, warmth and musical enjoyment. Bass certainly is bigger in presence here and this always is the case. Beside the fact it is bigger and has more presence, I would say it has the same speed and level of precision, detail and layering. The mids can be described the same as the bass section, and where in SET 1 the upper mids, voices and treble was more forward, these in the SET2 setup are softer, more natural but less energetic and precise. Treble seems softer and less energetic because of the added mid and bass body and that gives them the SET 2 the perception of being less extended treble wise. SET 2 brings you a full type of sound which is musical and a tad warmer sounding. This configuration has a higher foot tapping factor and I really like the richer mids (compared to SET 1) of this configuration.

It’s hard to please everyone with just one sound signature and that’s exactly why Simgot delivers two of them. The advantage of that is that more people will like the way they sound, but it also means there will be a number of people (like me) who would like to see a third tuning. I appreciate both tunings as they are, but a 3rd one with a tad more bass and mid presence/richness of SET 1 – while keeping it’s upper mids and treble config) would be the perfect “sound” for me. The sound stage width is great and the spaciousness and separation is good, as a result you get a natural and qualitative sound without these IEMs ever sounding congested on inside your head.

Versus the EN 700 BASS

Going back to the Simgot EN700 BASS version was a pleasure and I still like that version alot. The new EN700 PRO version is the best technical one of both but if you’re a bass person, the BASS version probably is the one that will rock your boots most. The new EN 700 PRO IEM is a cleaner and more precise version with a more neutral yet dynamic and musical tuning. You overall get better balance from bass to treble and the sound stage is wider. Separation and spaciousness have also improved but I can listen to the BASS version with the SET 1 tips anytime though.

Basically all the EN700 versions are the same in construction but the tuning with the use of tips and cables is different. I appreciate all the different version of the EN700 but it’s clear the latest version is the technically best, hence the PRO labeling.


The Simgot EN700 Pro is reasonably sensitive at 101dB with a 160hm impedance. I didn’t have any issues driving this universal IEM with any of my phones and sources. Depending on the tips used I either preferred bass heavier/lighter sources such as the Sony NW-WM1Z and the AK SP1000. I don’t see most consumers using any of these DAPs in this price range though but the same principle goes for the Fiio X7ii and the Fiio X3iii in example.

The quality and sound characteristics of the source will be audible with the EN700 PRO and as a result you can even tune the PRO a little but extra depending on your personal preference.


Sound wise, you with the EN700 PRO get a perfect mix of quality and fun, making this an addictive and very enjoyable IEM. That on top with the presentation, delivery, looks and comfort simply make it an IEM you have to look at if you’re shopping in the <$150 category.

All the different EN700 versions are great and while the new PRO version is the technical best, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best sounding version for you. It’s technical superiority does explain and defend the extra $50 Simgot is charging for this new version, but you also get that great new removable cable. For $150 USD you get a great sounding and looking universal IEM with a nice set of accessories, and all in a qualitative box/packake.

In very short, the technically best SET 1 configuration brings you quality with a focus on upper mids, vocals and treble while the SET 2 config makes it more balanced with bigger body in bass and mids, making it the most fun and musical.


Product name: Moving coil in-ear-headphone

Product Model: EN700 PRO

Color: Red&blue, red&black, red, blue, gray, black

Wearing: Ear-hook

Packing list: Earphone、Eartips、Storage bag、Velcro、Manual、Global Warranty & VIP card、Brush

Transducer unit: N50 high magnetic composite moving-coil driver

Diaphragm: Polymer composite titanium-plated diaphragm

Frequency response: 15Hz-40kHz

Sensitivity: ≥101dB(at 1000Hz)

Impedance: 16Ω

Distortion: <1%  101dB(20μpa)

Channel imbalance: <1.5dB(at 1000Hz)

Rated power: 10mW

Cable: Hybrid 8 cores of single-crystal copper and silver-plated wires

4.2/5 - (35 votes)


Lieven is living in Europe and he's the leader of the gang. He's running Headfonia as a side project next to his full time day job in Digital Marketing & Consultancy. He's a big fan of tube amps and custom inear monitors and has published hundreds of product reviews over the years.


  • Reply October 28, 2017

    Juan Luis

    The EN700Pro could be considered an update of the Oriveti Basic? As a source I have the Cayin n3 …

    • Reply November 1, 2017


      Cayin n3 and en700pro are perfectly fine with each other , don’t worry about that. They are both from China and they actually sell as pair in China.

  • Reply March 7, 2018


    I wonder how they would compare to the iBasso IT01.

    • Reply June 21, 2020


      Simgot EN700 pro is better than Tfz no3 for films.
      I.prefer bass and soundstage.

  • Reply August 12, 2018

    Darrell Ross

    L. I have the Simgot EN700 pros. I want to order, fiio balanced 2.5 for the Cayin N5II. I can’t find info on fiio’s website, on which two pin model to fit the Simgot. The Simgot included connection, is just round with the two pins coming out. I really appreciate your time to help. Best, D.

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