RHA T10i: Removable Filters Anyone?

Disclaimer : RHA sent me the T10i free of charge for this review.


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RHA History

This isn’t the first time we’ve reviewed RHA IEMs, well actually Valentin reviewed them for us but I did a private review directly for RHA. I met the RHA girls at Canjam in 2013 and again this year in September. They’re always so nice and friendly but that isn’t the reason I agreed on reviewing the new T10i. After having listened to the unit at their boot I immediately knew this was the best IEM from RHA so far and then there’s the replaceable filter system but more on that in a bit.

The MA600 was quite a dark sounding IEM with a compressed sound. I really didn’t care much for the sound quality and the too big bass focus but I can see people using it on the go while listening to pop music, Rap and R&B. The MA750i was more refined and clear sounding. It still had good bass presence but everything was more in line sounding with a bigger sound stage and better detail retrieval. Both units were gorgeous to look at but comfort wise they weren’t the best (size and weight). The T10i, ladies and gentlemen, is a step up from both these IEMs.

Build Quality, Design, Look & Feel

While the previous RHA IEMs weren’t the best IEMs I have ever heard, I did really like how they looked. It’s clear RHA pays attention to the design and build quality and they obviously target the design liking crowd. They’re being sold in the Apple shops and that exactly proves my design point. There’s nothing wrong with that though.

Build quality of the T10i is really good. As most of you know by now the RHA T10i are metal injection moulded and have a stainless steel body. The process they use to make these small and awesome looking IEMs is quite special in the IEM market. The full process is described on the RHA website and you can read all about it here. Do also check the pictures.

The cable system used is one based of the MA750i, an over ear cable system with a multicore, reinforced, oxygen-free copper cable with gold plated connection. The cable is quite heavy, with the MA750i the heavy cable kept pulling the monitors out of my ear but this is where the T10i has been improved. They now have a patent pending, mouldable over-ear hook system that you can shape according to your ear. And it stays in shape as well, it’s a really excellent design and it works like a charm. As a result the heavy cable problem is gone. Another thing I like about the cable is the 3.5mm spring enforced plug.

Of course what the T10i is most famous for is the replaceable filter system. It’s not the first company to use these filters and it certainly won’t be the last. IEMs that come in to mind are the High End AKG K3003 and the low end RockJaw Alfa Genus. The T10i comes with 3 pairs of filters: Bass, Treble and Reference. Don’t be expecting to continuously change the filters though, once you’ve found the sound you like most, you’ll probably just keep that filter in and enjoy the T10i’s sound.

Comfort, Fit & Isolation

As I explained earlier the new over the ear system really makes the IEM comfortable to wear. The units might not be the lightest because of the material used but they are small and perfectly fit in your ear. Of course they come with a whole bunch of tips so you won’t have any issue finding the ones that fit your ears (to me that’s the smallest tip). Those of you who have read previous IEM reviews written by me, know that my tiny ears like to reject all kinds of IEMS. The small and round shaped T10I though fits perfectly and stays in my ears at all times. And it looks classy on top of that.

These aren’t Custom IEM’s and so you won’t get their level of isolation but the T10i does keep a lot of noise out of your ears. I do have to turn the level up just a little to get the same result as with my customs. That actually is one of the reasons I am a big fan of personalized custom monitors.


According to RHA the T10i’s “dynamic driver (model 770.1) is engineered to deliver a natural, balanced sound signature with the versatility to reproduce all genres of music with accuracy and detail; complemented by high levels of soundstage imaging”. Those marketing boys and girls always have such nice ways of putting it don’t they. The bad thing is every single brand on the market uses the same vocabulary and in the end the customer doesn’t pay any attention anymore to the sales pitches. That’s where review websites like us come in of course.

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  • Reply December 9, 2014

    ohm image

    This is one earphone I’m eyeing with keen interest.

  • Reply December 10, 2014


    It’s a cool system for the price-like a 3 in one IEM. I would be interested except i think the only UIEMS i want to to keep are my UE TF10s. I’m pretty hooked on their sound.

  • Reply December 10, 2014

    Cole Anetsberger

    When are you guys going to review the Hifiman RE-400? Sounds like it’d be right up your alley.

    • Reply December 10, 2014


      Wasn’t planning on doing that one tbh

      • Reply December 10, 2014

        Cole Anetsberger

        “That would be a mix of the Reference and the Treble filter with added detail, clarity and dynamics.”

        Based on that alone, I would suggest giving it a shot. They are supremely balanced, a tad warm, and detailed. It’s definitely not bloated or bassy at all.

  • Reply December 11, 2014


    Hi, thanks! Have you tried Phillips S2? Could you compare? I have them and I like them quite a lot, they have very good bass that can go deep, clear midrange and OK highs. So I would like to know if they can compete with these, thank you B-)

  • Reply May 28, 2015

    JuLiO AniMeS

    Hello Friend,

    I would like to advice,

    I have a doubt, I am to buy shure SE535 or T10i RHA?

    if the shure is used and the T10i is new, two and two which is worth buying?

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