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Etymotic EVO

Etymotic EVO Review

Today we take a look at the $499 USD Etymotic EVO In-Ear Monitors.   Disclaimer: Etymotic sent us the EVO In-Ear Monitors for the purposes of this…

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FiiO K9 Pro ESS

FiiO K9 Pro ESS Review

In this article, we review the FiiO’s Flagship All-in-One device, the K9 Pro ESS. It costs $849 USD from FiiO, directly.   Disclaimer: FiiO sent…

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Kiwi Ears Orchestra

Kiwi Ears Orchestra Review

Today we are taking a look at the $499 USD Kiwi Ears Orchestra In-Ear Monitors. Disclaimer: Linsoul sent us the Orchestra IEMs for this review, free…

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Topping E50 & L50

Topping E50 & L50 Review

In this article, we review the Topping E50 DAC & the Topping L50 AMP. They respectively cost $269 USD and $229 USD.   Disclaimer: ShenzhenAudio sent…

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Moondrop Kato Review

What we are looking at today is the Moondrop Kato In-Ear Monitor selling for $189 USD.   Disclaimer: Shenzhen Audio sent us the KATO for this…

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Soncoz SGA1

Soncoz SGA1 Review

In this review we take a look at the $649 USD Soncoz SGA1 Fully Balanced Headphone AMP & Pre-AMP.    Disclaimer: HifiGo sent us the Soncoz…

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