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The Apollo, just like the Peacock, is a fun and warm-sounding headphone with good dynamics and technicalities. It has good dynamic range, harmonics and full-bodied sound across all ranges, maybe except the treble region. Its planar magnetic driver design has many strengths, but some parts of its sound can be improved since it sounds veiled and dark. Let me share my thoughts about that below.

Listening setup: Earmen Tradutto DACFlux Labs FA-22 Amplifier


The bass response of the Apollo, although not being on the Peacock’s level, is still impactful and quick at the same time. You don’t often find these two terms together but the Apollo manages to do that. The bass is certainly very capable with excellent texture, speed, and rumble. This is one of those headphones that I think the quantity and quality are coupled optimally.

The bass presentation is simply the best part about the Apollo since it has good decay and extension. The bass doesn’t dominate the sound altogether, but it still has great presence and definition. However, to have that presentation you need to have a powerful setup. I tried to listen to the Apollo from different setups than what I’ve meant above, and the result wasn’t good enough, especially straight from a DAP. So even though the headphone looks not so hard to drive on paper, be sure to feed the headphone with plenty of power with good amplification.

So overall, the bass performance is impressive and I didn’t find any weakness in this region of the spectrum. There’s good bass balance, good control, good resolution, and good texture. An ideal bass presentation to say the least. If you’re after an analytical and flat sound though, you can look at different options since this is a warm bass with impact and kick with good quantity.


Again, the mids are quite warm just like the bass, and the tonality is the biggest advantage of the Apollo. I think Sendy Audio has managed to carry some of Peacock’s qualities to this model. Mids are very smooth sounding with a fluid and smooth nature. There’s a good definition here, especially with vocals, and the positioning is quite nice. There’s also a great timbre which is very realistic and lively. The instruments are a real joy since they sound very natural and organic with an analogue-like approach. The tonal accuracy and quality of the Apollo are excellent indeed.

So I liked the mid-range performance regarding these factors above, but some areas can be improved. I think mids lack resolution, and it needs more clarity and openness in this area. Mids sound a bit veiled and cramped, and you wonder what would happen if there’s more transparency and clarity here. Sure, the Apollo has excellent tonality and definition in mids, but it would’ve been great if it had a more resolving mid-range presentation. It’s like there are a lot of curtains between you and the instruments.


Apollo doesn’t reproduce the treble in a splashy and crispy way as the Peacock. That was one of the points that I criticized. Apollo’s treble is more polite and smooth. However, treble lacks resolution a bit, as well as transparency. Highs have a good definition and they sound articulated. However, the performance here could be a bit polarizing with this smoothness and forgiving approach. Even so, the treble has good resolution, especially when compared to the mids.

Also, the treble is not fully extended. While that’s fine since not every headphone manages to do that perfectly, the Apollo reproduces the treble in a veiled way. It’s not as veiled as the mid-range, but it’s still there. However, this signature may suit many people nicely depending on the genres they prefer to listen to. When I look at this from a purist audiophile perspective though, there needs to be more extension and the treble should be more relaxed and refined.

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