Sendy Audio Peacock Review

Technical Performance

The soundstage is quite wide and deep with the Peacock, allowing a nice spacious staging performance. In addition, stereo imaging is also precise and clean. So those two aspects are really good with the flagship Sendy. The precise imaging provides a nice focus, and you can track down every element of a song easily. However, since the mid-range is not clean/transparent enough, the air and space are not on a high level in that particular area.

The balance of the headphone is not ideal for reference listeners. It instead has a fun signature as I mentioned above. So coherency is not a strong point of the Peacock. The transition from the mid-range to the treble area is one of the problems. The mids sound a bit veiled, whilst the treble area is splashy and crispy. The result is an unbalanced presentation and congested mid-range. So coherency-wise the Peacock is not the best choice. But it’s certainly fun-oriented.

One strong aspect of the headphone is the excellent detail retrieval. With a sufficient desktop setup, every nuance and every detail is easily audible in a precise manner. Since the overall resolution is good, the combined imaging performance is fabulous. I wish the mid-range clarity would’ve been better.

Sendy Audio Peacock


Review: Sennheiser HD800S – The New Kid In town

The HD800 series is a legendary lineup from Sennheiser, and the HD800S is my favorite one. It’s a dynamic driver headphone of course, but with a similar price level. Comfort-wise it’s lighter than the Peacock by a margin, so it’s suitable for long sessions. Build quality is simply better with the Peacock, and it has a very authentic hand-made design which is much more attractive.

Sound-wise the Sennheiser HD800S has much more space, air, and breath. They both have good imaging and staging but the Sennheiser is more precise with better dynamism and pace. It also has more resolution and a more refined signature. The Peacock is much more fun, but the HD800S is simply closer to the audiophile tuning with better coherency.

Sendy Audio Peacock

The LCD-X is an all-time popular planar magnetic headphone from Audeze. It doesn’t have the design elements of Sendy Audio. It instead is professional and serious looking, with a signature Audeze look. Comfort-wise I think the Peacock is a bit more comfortable, but they both become heavy on the head after half an hour or so.

Faster and Lighter: The LCD-X

The LCD-X has resolving mids, a cleaner presentation with better transparency. It’s more linear with close to reference signature. It’s flatter, more cohesive, and more refined. It might be a bit boring for some, and that’s where the Peacock comes in. It’s a very different presentation with the Peacock, a unique one with a fun approach. It’s warmer, darker, more splashy in the treble with more bass quantity. It depends on where you’re coming from but the LCD-X is simply the more audiophile headphone in terms of presentation to me.

The prices for this one have become more affordable in recent years. A “creator package” LCD-X sets you back 1199$, actually cheaper than the Peacock. The “premium package” costs 1699$. If you want a closed headphone, there’s the LCD-XC as well, for 1299$ and 1799$ depending on the same package plan.

Sendy Audio Peacock


The Sendy Audio Peacock is a fantastic-looking headphone with a very chic and premium design and materials. It has excellent build quality as well. And that cable they supply it with? It’s awesome, I hope more manufacturers can do that. It’s also comfortable for a heavy planar magnetic headphone.

The sound is a new perspective to the planar headphone concept from the brand. However, I think the sound needs more refinement and air, with better transparency and PRaT. Other than that, the sound-stage and imaging are excellent, as well as bass quality. The timbre is awesome too, but the mid-range resolution and inconsistency in the treble set it back a bit.

Still, I think their approach is suitable in terms of market demands for design, build quality, and accessories. I’m sure the sound tuning will be improved.

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    Would it kill you to post a photo of these bad boys on your head? For scale? Come on man. Nonetheless, nice write up.

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    Can I ask why you give it 5 out of 5 stars, if it needs improvement?

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