Shanling ME700 Review

Shanling ME700

Today we are reviewing the new Shanling ME700, the brand’s latest flagship, selling for €/$549. 

Disclaimer: the Shanling ME700 was sent to us free of charge by the brand in exchange for our honest opinion.




About Shanling

Founded in 1988, Shanling has been developing Hi-Fi products for more than 30 years now. From high-end CD players to classy tube-amps, the brand made a name thanks to great craftsmanship and top of the line performances.

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Since, Shanling extended their range to reach higher grounds, all up to… portable players. We’ve reviewed almost all of their DAPs, from the recent M6 and M6 Pro, to the UP2 and UP4 and even their IEM with the Shanling ME500 Platinum.

And so today, we have the chance to review their all-new flagship model, the ME700.

The MEX00 Series

As usual, here is a quick presentation of the Shanling IEM range. For now, they only offer three models, or four if you count the platinum edition, which is a different iteration of the Shanling ME500.


The Shanling ME100 is the entry-level IEM from the brand. Sold just under 120$/€, it got one dynamic driver, an aluminum CNC Milled frame, removable cables with MMCX socket, and nice packaging. 

There are a lot of options in this price range, so we’ll have to check if the ME100 is any good. That said, the custom made driver is capable of exceeding one tesla, which is impressive, to say the least.


The Shanling ME200 is a hybrid, dual driver, IEM. What’s taking it apart from the other models, is its acrylic 3D printed shell, whereas the others model prefer aluminum or brass for the ME500. Still, acrylic shells remain the best option available, in terms of comfort and isolation. 

The dynamic driver is strictly the same: a double magnet dynamic driver, with a nanocomposite diaphragm. For the mids and highs, Shanling added a Knowles driver, properly tuned for their need.

Last but not least, there are five acidulous colors available: floating clouds purple, sun red, volcanic ash grey, clear blue, and deep blue. All match well with the silver-plated copper cable.


The Shanling ME500 was the previous flagship IEM from the brand. Like the ME200, the ME500 enjoys a dual driver, hybrid configuration. What’s the difference? The Knowles driver combines two models in one to offer better performances.

Again, the shell is made of CNC cut metal, but not any metal brass. The only other device that has been using brass recently was… the Cowon Plenue L, which is quite more expensive than the ME500.

ME500 Platinum

If you want to go even higher, there is a platinum version of the Shanling ME500. What’s the difference? The shell is coated with platinum, one of the most precious metals on earth.

We reviewed it a few months ago, so I can auto-quote myself :

“They are built like a tank, comfortable, well-designed (yes that’s subjective I know) and, most of all, sound great. If they can become hissy with some sources, once correctly driven, they give a crisp and clear performance. If you favor voices and dynamic, the ME500 should definitely be in your list.”

A very good IEM so check my review, if you want!


The Shanling ME700 is the latest one, the golden boy. So much that the brand even chose to gold-plate the dynamic driver for “further absorption and unwanted vibrations”.

Also, when the ME500 and ME500 platinum enjoyed metallic cases, the new ME700 gets a more classic acrylic shell.

Good news, this is the IEM we are reviewing today. So, on those good words, it’s time to unbox the Shanling ME700.

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  • Reply May 28, 2020


    “… has to be paired with a proper DAP, or at least a real USB-DAC, and not just Apple’s little dongle.”

    I wonder what the top performing IEM is for a pairing with the iPhone? Audiophiles and gearheads might spring for some wonderful DAPs, but I reckon the vast majority of customers want something that works well with their iPhones and other smartphones.

    • Reply May 30, 2020


      the best shanling review i’ve read until now.
      Thank you very much for this nice creation! ????????????

  • Reply May 28, 2020


    I have The Shanling R6 Pro. Can’t wait to pair it with this ????

  • Reply May 28, 2020


    How does the ME700 compare with the FH7?

  • Reply May 28, 2020


    I’ve M6 pro, should I go with M500, M500 platinum or M700?
    I like M6 pro and I’m looking for an IEM transparent, airy and clear on highs and, rich mids and deep bass but tight and no Boomy.

    • Reply May 30, 2020


      you should go with the me700, the combo M6/M6 pro with me700 is so nice! ????????????
      i got my ME700 31th at the release and i was using it until now with the Shanling M6. On Thursday i get the M6 Pro ????

  • Reply June 1, 2020


    I also use my me700 with the M6 Pro .. I played with numerous tips above and beyond the extensive range that come with them. I settled on Comply T200 which were a tighter fit on the me700 than the Comply tips that came included . The bass low frequencies I now get are really outstanding , still controlled but rich and expansive .

  • Reply June 1, 2020


    thank you for this review, how about pairing with the Plenue D2 ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Greets Cyril

  • Reply June 24, 2020


    Thank you for this great review.
    What about pairing it with ibasso dx150 + amp8 with the 4.4mm adaptater ?

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