Shozy Form 1.4 Review

Package Content

Shozy provides a black carrying case which is the same with previous offerings, and 9 pairs of tips with 3 different types. That’s basically it when it comes to content. I found the foam tips to be pretty good together with shorter silicone ones which provide a really comfortable experience.

Did I find these accessories enough? Yes, but a thing or two would’ve been nicer. I’m not going to judge them on that part though. Shozy gives importance to their sound and cables, and indeed the cable is not something that you find in this price range. So I don’t mind having less content in the package.


The sound of the Shozy Form 1.4 is on the warm side with an apparent and definitive midbass. The Form 1.1 was a bit v-shaped overall, but its bigger brother is more balanced although preserving some of its traits.

All in all the IEM sounds full-bodied, warm, organic, and musical. While doing that, it offers good technical qualities for its price range, once again proving Shozy’s abilities to put up an IEM that is certainly impressive for the money.


The boost in the mid-bass section is easily audible and therefore it is identical to Form 1.1 but with better control. The mid-bass is very apparent and basically dominating the lower region. However, it’s done much better this time than the Form 1.1 with better control and attack.

Bass has very good control and separation from mids. It also has good texture and resolution. The sub-bass area has presence but the mid-bass focus is more apparent here. Yet, the bass balance with this model is much better than the earlier little brother.

And again, the overall quality of the bass is very good in terms of decay and texture. I found the overall mid-bass quantity a bit over the edge with the Form 1.1, but that is not the case with this model. With a neutral sounding player like the Dethonray DTR1, the bass feels just right with lots of songs with different genres. However, I wouldn’t suggest you to pair this IEM with a warm and full-bodied source.

Yet, be aware that this is not the fastest or quickest bass response available. The mid-bass focus means that it’s a bit on the heavier side.


The mid-range is very nice and the tonality here is the star of the show. Especially the vocals sound ear-pleasing with great tones. Mids have good resolution and transparency, instruments have good definition and body when needed. Therefore I found the 1.4 to be quite successful in the mid area.

The timbre is particularly impressive with the 1.4, and I hope that we can see cheaper IEMs that can give this kind of tonality in the market. Mids sound lively, energetic, and dynamic. When compared to 1.1, 1.4 has more air and breath in the mid-region as well as better transparency and clarity.

The separation is also very good, and the instruments have great positioning. So I think this is a very successful mid-range presentation.


The treble is airy, articulated, and very transparent for the price. Highs have great freedom to shine here. So the definition of the treble is good as well as its resolution. The extension and definition however are the biggest differences for me from the Form 1.1. There’s a blacker background so you can point out the highs much easier and they extend much better with better detail.

In fact, I think it does compete with some IEMs that above its price range in my opinion. Treble is easy-going, controlled but definitive same time. There’s a boost in the lower treble region though, which I think was done for sake of more clarity and brightness, preventing the IEM to sound too warm. I don’t expect a reference or a flat presentation from this IEM especially for the price it goes, so it’s all OK for me.

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