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The box is simple and straightforward. When you flip open the magnetic cover, you’re welcomed with the earphones and a vinyl-shaped carton in the middle. Under that you have your silicone ear-tips with 3 sizes and that’s it. There’s nothing else in the package whatsoever, for both versions.

There’s another package option which contains a standard Shozy carrying case, which I suppose is the same packaging method with BG or Form 1.1 models. In that case you receive a cardboard box with the carrying case in it. The case stores the earphones and the ear-tips inside.

I think these choices are made for reducing the costs, which makes sense since the prices are below the $ 100 mark for these two models.

Shozy V33 Pro – 3


It is not just about the design and appearance when it comes to this “vinyl theme” from Shozy. The sound itself was also developed to leave a vinyl impression among the listeners. So these earphones supposedly sound warm, organic and romantic at the same time. Do they actually pull that goal off? I say yes, the V33 series indeed sound like vinyl.


The Standard V33 sounds warm, misty and very organic. It has a close and narrow sound-stage, good tonality and nice dynamism. While it certainly has a good technical performance for the price, it is also quite forgiving and very coherent across the spectrum.

The bass has good punch in the mid-bass region, whilst sub-bass is either non-existent or very subtle. There’s not much rumble here, so don’t except the V33 to be a great performer for movies or for hardcore EDM music fans. However for Pop, RnB, Rock and Blues, you have a nicely shaped bass with good response, good control and quality.

The texture here is very good for the price, as much as the resolution and decay. So you have a moderate quantity, which is enough and actually just the right amount for me. The bass is nicely controlled, the followability is good, and it doesn’t have any hump or sluggishness. Lows are also tight and in-check, so I think this the best possible bass response for this earphone.

Shozy V33 – V33 Pro

Mids are clean but they have that vinyl touch in them, sounding slightly veiled but not much with good resolution. They sound thick a bit, but in a very good and organic way. I found myself just letting the music flow with these earphones, leaving myself to the beauty of music many times.

This is not an earphone to give you the best technicalities -though it is darn good for what it is in that regard- but the best musicality in the entry-level market. And it exactly manages to give that. It also reproduce the details in the mids very well, which surprised me considering the overall signature.

The tonality is exceptionally good for the price. To me this is the best part about the V33. Sure, you don’t get the best transparency, but you get a beautiful tonality and musicality combined. This all about authenticity and joy. If you get this earphone, be ready to shake your hear every once in a while.

Treble is not too laid back, which is the exact opposite of what I expected in the first place. Of course it’s not too apparent or accentuated here, but if you want to focus on the treble, you will hear good sparkle, detail and articulation. So it allows you to follow the cymbals with ease, but also in a very coherent way with its overall presentation. Treble has been the most surprising area of the V33 for me, because I was expecting a suppressed treble performance.

Shozy V33 Pro – 3

The resolution of the V33 is very good, although it doesn’t have a great transparency. There is a certain mystique in its sound with a slight veil, but it actually is very enjoyable. The separation is very good with a good background. The imaging is good but the sound-stage is narrow. There’s not much space between the elements of a song, therefore everything is boxed in a small room here.

The review continues on PAGE 3 with V33 Pro sound impressions, comparisons and conclusion.

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