Picture Sunday : Simgot EK3

simgot ek3

Today, we take a look at the Simgot EK3. The top-of the line IEM from the brand with 3 drivers and its own tuning system, offering 4 different sound signatures.


This is part of our picture Sunday series, where we take a quick look at some products in the review cycle. You can find all previous Picture Sunday posts here.

this Simgot EK3.

Simgot EK3 – The design

Acrylic shell ? Check. Metallic nozzle ? Check. Snake-like faceplate ? Erm… check.

simgot EK3

Compared to the Simgot EM3 I received previously, build quality is simply night and day. The soft touch of the shell, the way light bounces on the faceplate, even the emblazoned logo , everything makes for a top-class IEM

At first glance, I was not really convinced by the Faceplate. Yet, after a few days, I’m not bothered anymore and I could even live with that. If you look really up-close, you may even be mesmerized by the 3D effect of the hexagonal honeycomb. Or not, we all have our personal tastes.

All in all, the Simgot EK3 is superb from tip to toes, and that also translates to the overall build quality. 

simgot ek3 case

In case you still need proof of how well DLP 3D printing changed the game, the Simgot EK3 could be it.

Simgot EK3- A quick view

The real surprise comes from the back of the Simgot EK3. There are two switches labeled 1 and 2, giving you the opportunity to… tune your own sound !

The three drivers / three crossover seem a bit unappealing when even the cheapest option is given for 8 drivers… but the merrier doesn’t always mean the better. Three Knowles drivers, correctly tuned, in the right shell, could surprise you more than once.

simgot ek3

The bass driver is a Knowles CI-22955, which is quite large compared to your usual driver. For the upper and mid-range, Simgot chose a TWFK-30017, a dual-body driver we’ve already seen in numerous IEMs. Again, those are all very conservative specs… if you don’t account for the variable switch control.

You get four different settings for your EK3 :

  • strong bass, with 1-on / 2-off
  • bright vocal, with 1-off / 2-off
  • exquisite tone, with 1-on / 2-on
  • balanced tuning, with 1-off / 2-on

Does it really make a difference? We’ll have to wait for the full review to confirm… 😉

simgot ek3 full box

Last but not least, Simgot always gave nice cables with their IEM, and the EK3 makes no exception. It keeps the old 2-pin socket, but integration is top-notch so it’s hard to complain. Even more when you get such a nice box with your IEM !

To sum it up: it looks good, feels good and it sounds… Nah, we’ll let you know you next time !

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