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Today, we take a look at the Simgot EM3, an hybrid IEM from the same brand that gave us the great EN700.


Disclaimer : The Simgot EM3 was sent to us free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion. Their retail price is 299€/$ and you can find them at your usual store.


Born in 2017, Simgot is an IEM brand coming straight from Shenzhen, China. The company name stands for “Simple and elegant” and their motto is “”salute to art and science”, you get the idea.

The revelation came from the EN700, a great/affordable IEM with impressive performances and superb design. A new MKII version is upcoming and I’m curious to check it out.

The EMXX / EN Series

As usual, here is a quick presentation of the Simgot line-up. I focused on the EM/EN series, even if I know new other models are available, but I prefer to stick to the basics.

EN700 Pro/Bass

The EN700 was the first entry from Simgot on the IEM market. Awarded in VGP summer 2017, this model was and still is a hit ! For a single dynamic driver, the performance was very convincing, be it in bass or pro model. Even Cayin offered a bundle with the N3+EN700 Pro.

Metal housing, OFC braided wire 400D DuPont Kevlar, nice carry-box, under 200$ price-point, the Simgot EN700 (PRO reviewed here and BASS reviewed here) ticked all the right box. If bass is not your thing, check the Pro Version, it even has detachable cable.


The EM1 is a dynamic driver IEM. It shares a lot of features with the previous EN700 series, but in a plastic shell instead of aluminum. The design is great and from afar, it looks like they are high-end IEM thanks to their complex shape and material blends.

The mono-driver EM1 is expected to deliver at least the same performances the EN700 delivered, or so they say.


The EM2 is a hybrid IEM, with 1x Dynamic Driver + 1x Balanced Driver. It looks exactly the same as the EM1, and you have to check the inner side to tell them apart. Combined with the dynamic driver, you get a full-range driver with tuned vents from Knowles. The cable is upgraded from the basic OFC X4 to the better SPC X4, a silver-plated version.

Simgot advertise this combo as “complementary and fitting as a whole”. So I’m very curious to hear this one, as most of the hybrids I reviewed lately were surprisingly good.


The EM5 is also a hybrid IEM, much more complete this time with 1x Dynamic Driver + 4x Balanced Drivers. It’s the flagship of the series, embedding two TWFK-30017 for the mids/high frequencies and two TWFK-31736 for the extreme highs. The cable is even better as you get a OCCX2 + SPCX2, mixing two OCC braids with two silver plated braids.

Announced as the most “accurate, analytical, high-detailed” model from the EM series, the EM5 looks exactly like the EM2 and EM1. So you better double check !

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