Song Of The Day – It’s Back!

OH YES… Song Of The Day is back.

Exploring new music and discovering new bands is always fun, but it’s not that fun if you can’t find anything new and fresh to listen to. This is where recommendations from friends and HFN readers come in. We think that Song of The Day can be a way to recommend new music to our fellow headphone enthusiasts and so we made a page for that purpose. I started the #songoftheday on Twitter a few years ago but I just couldn’t find the time to keep doing it. David was always a big fan of this topic and so I have put him in charge now of this page.

If you want to recommend a song of the day you can:

* Post a comment on the SOTD page or herehttp

* Tweet it to our Twitter account @headfonia and add the hash tag #songoftheday

* email us at @ (without spaces)

If we’ll like it then we’ll add them to the list. I look forward to all the new music! The place to be is HERE:

This month’s list so far has four entries. Of course I’d love to see more…



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  • Reply July 17, 2015


    Now this is a very good idea. I’ve been using Spotify to discover new music but that is not the best option. Looking forward to discovering a lot of good music.

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