Things I Am REALLY Excited About

The first is the new $3000 2A3 amplifier from Eddie Current (pictured above) which I hope to receive a review sample in the coming weeks. The 2A3 and 45 tubes are probably two of the most legendary tubes around, and I do expect the transformer coupled amp (with silver outputs), paired with the vacuum tube rectifier supply to embarrass my Zana Deux.

I do have a new amp coming out you might be interested in. The EC 2A3. This is a 2A3/45 no feedback amplifier with external vacuum tube rectified power supply. The power supply will support the 5AR4, 5R4, 5U4G, or 5Y3 rectifier tubes. The amp has a three input selector switch and will drive any headphone balanced, or unbalanced. Output power into speakers is 3.5 watts. Price without tubes and copper outputs is $2800.00. $3000.00 with silver outputs.


And next is the $30 Sennheiser HD202 headphones that I’m enjoying very much with the HM-602 player. I didn’t like the dual-entry 3 meter cables, and so I’ve made it into a shorter 4 ft single entry version, following the footsteps of all the great closed headphones (Sony Z1000, ATH M-50, Sennheiser HD25-1, among others). Also a review coming on this one perhaps next week.

Lastly, I’m also expecting to receive the Audiosector LM3875 kit. Talk about the BEST Gainclone version around. 😀

Single entry cable HD202 mod.

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  • Reply February 12, 2011


    Great to see you enjoy and praise some cheap stuff also, this makes me like your site even more. Thanks for this. /Mikael

    • Reply February 14, 2011


      Thanks! I’ve been spending some time with the HD202 and I think it is really musical.

      • Reply February 15, 2011


        Cheap stuff rules! I have the HD201s and they are pretty good. However, I have found a budget gem that amazes me. It is the Koss KSC75 with the Kramer mod and the quarter mod (both are pretty easy to do) in a parts-express headband. With my QLS QA350, guitar and other acoustic instruments sound very realistic, with great imaging to boot. With my Rockboxed Iriver H120, I EQ up the bass and it has great impact for rock, pop, electronic, and other genres that benefit from good bass. Color me very impressed by this $18 phone.

        • Reply February 15, 2011


          Hi George, I’ve spent some time with the Portapro, Portapro LE, and the KSC75 and I do think that the HD202 is a league better primarily due to the bigger driver and housing.
          You should give it a try. It’s also better than the HD201 which I also own.

  • Reply February 13, 2011


    I need to look into those HD202. If I decide to get them I will compare them to PX200.

    • Reply February 15, 2011


      The PX200-II is more refined, but it can’t quite match the HD202 in fun and musicality. I think the bigger driver is key here. 🙂

  • Reply March 2, 2011


    Now this is exciting, enough portable trinkets … 🙂

    • Reply March 3, 2011


      Indeed. 🙂

  • Reply March 3, 2011


    I had a listen to the Manley Stingray tube amp and thr Neo Classic 300B pre amp today. Both amps really took my breath away. They were so perfect, in their own ways.

  • Reply March 26, 2011


    You shoud look for 300B Minute tubes amplifier from Thailand.
    I think you can contact Mr.Munkonggadget for more information.
    here is the link

    I’m really exciting about it.

    • Reply March 26, 2011


      The 300B tube is a highly popular high end tube, known for its mellow but grand presentation and sweet vocals. Almost every reputable amp builder, small or big, will have their own version of the 300B amp. Despite the variations that would be inherent in the designs, I’m quite sure that all 300B amps are worth a listen.


  • Reply January 28, 2013


    Hi Mike!,
    When we will enjoy a review of the Eddie Current 2A3? I suppose, it is already under heavy listening… ) Cheers.

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