Vintage Orthodynamics

Then, you have the good old Sennheiser HD497, but fitted with one of the variants of the Yamaha YH3 ortho driver. One of the most magical treble presentation I’ve ever heard from any headphone. The Yamaha ortho drivers seem to have that special treble across the different models (read more about it, Hadi is writing a review on three Yamaha orthodynamics). So, for the local ortho crowd, they keep on looking for different housing to fit orthodynamic drivers into.

Ian, the owner of this HD497, previously have experimented with Grado, AKG K501, and Sony V150 housing for ortho drivers. You may also remember Arianugraha’s orthodynamic ESW-9.

Sennheiser outside, Yamaha ortho inside.

And there is no limit to these… A mix-style headphone fitted with an ortho driver.

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