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Vision Ears EVE20



With the Chord Electronics Hugo 2, you get a full and natural sound, with great dynamics and extension. The sound stage depth and the layering in this combo is actually quite nice. We all know the Hugo2 is a great piece of gear and I really like the synergy with the EVE20 as well. You get a musical presentation and a very high quality sound. Body and impact wise the EVE is as described in the part on sound. This is the kind of sound you can listen to all day long.

With its little brother the Mojo, the synergy with the EVE20 is not as good. To me the combo sounds a bit boring and lifeless especially when coming from the Hugo 2. Body and impact wise everything is fine here, and the Mojo still is a very good unit, but it for some reason doesn’t sound as engaging and musical with the EVE20. At least to my ears. The difference with the Hugo2 is huge.

Vision Ears EVE20

Vision Ears EVE20

Competitor Comparisons

The first question our readers have asked is how the EVE20 compares to the VE6 and especially the VE8, as VE stated themselves that their sound is comparable. We quote:”

“The EVE 20 is a 6 driver model, using completely new drivers compared to the VE 6 model. Generally the sound is more comparable to the VE 8 than to the VE 6. It is very balanced, with a deep but tight bass, very natural and emphasized mids and very good structured and clear highs. All in all a very dynamic and musical earphone with stunning overall clarity.”

This comparison was done with the Lotoo Paw 6000 and the Linum cable in single-ended mode.

First up, the VE5. If you own or have ever read my VE5 review you know that the VE5 is all about the mid clarity and the sublime vocals. This model’s upper mids and vocals are more up to the front and they are more in your face. In the EVE20 the vocals blend in perfectly with all the rest and they’re not upfront in the presentation. Body-wise and bass I actually find both of these models to be pretty close to each other. The lower mids of the VE5 are more to the back and the treble section is more energetic, more edgy and extends further. If you like the upper mids and treble presentation of the VE5, the EVE20 will probably be a bit soft for you. Different tastes for different people.

Unfortunately I don’t have the VE6 here as Nathan was the lucky one who did that review, but I do have the award winning VE8. Compared to the VE8, the EVE20 has a less emphasized lower range section and bass and mids in the VE8 have a fuller presence with a higher level of warmth. Where the VE8’s bass and treble have a bigger contrast, this in the EVE20 is more linear. EVE20 does sound more clear as well as more spacious/airy. The VE8 is all about body and impact where the EVE20 is more refined in technicalities. The VE8’s low have a good sub rumble but while the EVE20 reaches down low as well, the rumble can’t be found there. The treble section of the EVE20 sounds more energetic to my ears, or at least it comes out more because of the mids and bass being lighter in weight. So personally I wouldn’t say both of these monitors are close to each other, but they are family for sure.

The Inear ProPhile 8 is another award winning IEM and it’s always a pleasure to see how well their universal shells fit. The PP8’s sound is very different to that of the EVE20 and of course you can tune it to your liking by using the tuning switches. The PP8’s presentation is more out of your head compared to that of the EVE20. I find the PP8 to sound very airy and this gives the impression the sound stage is wider. But is it though? Bass and body-wise you can get the PP8 fairly close to the level of the EVE20. Both monitors without doubt have their own strengths and it will come down to how you prefer your music to sound. Going back to the PP8 always is a pleasure.

Vision Ears EVE20

Vision Ears EVE20

The only other universal IEM I really want to compare the EVE20 to is the Meze Audio Penta. The Penta is a hybrid UIEM that I personally really appreciate but not everyone sees or likes its characteristics. The Penta’s bass is elevated when compared to that of the EVE20, and it isn’t as tight or fast. It however is typically dynamic sounding. The treble is also much more expressed and hot compared to the EVE20, and it’s probably one of the most discussed points of the Meze. This makes the Penta sound more aggressive and more V-shaped compared to the EVE20, though I would never describe the Penta that way myself. The universal fit of the Penta is better though, for me anyway. If you like a more contrasting signature and energetic treble, the Penta might be the one for you.


After 4.078 words in this article I will try to keep theEVE20  conclusion short and to the point.

Vision Ears yet again has managed to deliver a top quality monitor with a unique and different sound signature. Not only is the EVE20’s tuning great, also the packaging, the accessories and the build quality are top notch. Sound-wise I think I’ve said enough already, I just want to mention one last time that the choice and use of tips is critical with this UIEM.

As this is a limited edition universal IEM, you’ll have to hurry up if you want to be the proud owner of one of these. The price tag of 1.300€ is reasonable, especially taking into account the sound quality as well as the full package the EVE20 comes with.

Another job well done by the Vision Ears team.



4.6/5 - (49 votes)


Lieven is living in Europe and he's the leader of the gang. He's running Headfonia as a side project next to his full time day job in Digital Marketing & Consultancy. He's a big fan of tube amps and custom inear monitors and has published hundreds of product reviews over the years.


  • Reply May 27, 2020


    Lieven, I’m surprised by your comments relative to the Penta. Most of the reviews I have seen report that the weakness of the Penta is that it has a soft top end. Relative to your description, the EVE20 would be even softer? I was getting very excited for about the EVE20 until I read that. I’m a big fan of Focal loudspeakers, primarily because of their imaging and airy top end (along with their revealing mids and tight but not overemphasized bass). Wish I could find an IEM in that same mold!

    On a separate issue, I seem to have very tight ear canals and struggle even with the smallest tips. The best fit I have had thus far have been HiFiMan R400 and R600. They are decent, but definitely not TOTL. Any suggestions for resolving this fit limitation?


    • Reply May 27, 2020


      Hi Tom,

      in regards to your small canals I have 3 things to say.

      1.look for IEMs like Etymotic, they are small and long.
      2. If you’ve already found your perfect IEM, check to get a custom tip for it.
      3. Go custom, you won’t regret it.

      About the treble, yes, it’s the way it is.

  • Reply December 12, 2021


    Hello! May i know the difference between eve20 and dunu sa6 in terms of the mid-range (espiecially vocals) and if it is a big jump in sound quality?thx:)

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