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The sound impression notes were taken using the itsFit Lab Fusion Custom IEM.


The Takt C gives a very powerful and emotional sound character. It clearly improves the dynamics, the resolution and the background compared to the standard output of my laptop. It has a very dynamic and attacking sound with good amount of body and fullness. I can say it’s a warm sounding DAC with an intimate sound reproduction.


The bass is quite powerful when needed, and it has good balance between subbass and midbass. The contrabass notes with Jazz recordings sound very ear pleasing and satisfying in terms of body.

I overall liked this full presentation but it might result with a bad match if you try to use it with bass heavy IEMs. Bass has very good decay and control though. But I think it would be better to pair it up with flatter sounding earphones and headphones.

Cozoy Takt C


The mid section is very clean sounding and it has good separation. The tonality is just very slightly off to me as it sounds a bit more light, but it’s not fair to expect such a great tonality from this device anyway.

Timbre is very nice for the price and actually I liked the note size despite that lightness in tonality. Vocals have good definition and transparency, as well as the instruments.


The treble doesn’t have the best extension but it copes with complex passages nicely, so I can say it has a very nice articulation. Its background blackness also helps in that regard.

To me the treble section doesn’t have the same transparency level when compared with its mid area, neither it has the best extension like I mentioned. But it has a very good micro detail performance in treble, which I think deserves attention for a device like this. It gives the tiniest details without a problem, but of course this would depend on your headphones.


The sound-stage is pretty narrow and close with the Takt C, so don’t expect a huge staging with plenty of air like some advanced units give. Especially the width is unimpressive at times, creating a congested impression overall. The depth is also not great here.

Cozoy Takt C

However the device puts up a great performance in terms of resolution and transparency (except the treble). The background blackness is very impressive as well. Separation is another part that it shines, creating a nice imaging. The limiting factor is the stage dimensions here, which to me is totally understandable based on price and other advantages that the Takt C provides.

The output power is unexpectedly high from this kind of a small device. For instance, I used my Fusion CIEM at 10 volume on Windows. I usually listen to music with low volume levels, but in any case I don’t think you’ll ever feel the need to crank up the volume with IEMs. The device is very strong in that regard (1.5V RMS@32Ω per channel).


I would recommend the Takt C to anyone who seek out a nice and tiny DAC/Amp to enhance their sound experience. Compared to standard outputs, the Takt C’s qualities are quite obvious and easy to spot. You have much better dynamics and resolution, together with nice separation and imaging.

Its sound character is on the warm side with plenty of bass and body. You just need to be careful not to pair it with dense and full sounding IEMs that have great amount of bass. Otherwise, if you have a nicely rounded, balanced sounding headphone/IEM, you’re very safe.

Cozoy Takt C

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  • Reply January 30, 2020


    I wonder how it affects a battery life when used with smartphone?

    • Reply January 30, 2020


      Not sure since I haven’t tried with my phone for a long period of time.

  • Reply February 4, 2020

    Erwin Pascua

    Where to buy???

  • Reply August 4, 2020


    Would you recommend these over the Ikko Zerda? Assuming you’ve heard the Zerda of course.

    • Reply August 5, 2020


      Unfortunately no, I haven’t heard it.

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