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Feel free to post any questions you may have below at the comment section and I will try my best to answer them promptly. I try to answer all the questions, but I may miss one or two at times. Do repost your question if it’s left unanswered for a few days.

Please also go over the Buyer’s Guide articles before you post your questions, they may help to answer your questions.


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  • Reply February 6, 2018

    Paolo Zucchetto

    I’d like an opinion on your part. I have SHURE SE846, amp ALO CDM, ASTELL & KERN AK300 and Focal Elear. I would to change everything with the following devices, if they are better but for that I need your opinion. Are better the HIFI RE2000/ AKT8iE MKII than the SHURE se846? How plays the headset Bayerdynamic Xelento and the UNIQUE MELODY ME1? Are better Chord Mojo than ALO CDM? There’s something better than CDM? Is good The player Sony NW-WM1A? I love music with deep bass, long bass, with details. I like also mids warm. Excuse me if I don’t write well. Thanks a lot in advance. Paolo VENICE ITALY

  • Reply April 1, 2018

    Paul Kingsman

    Hi, I bought a PONO Player a few years ago and Im currently using a pair of Sennheiser’sIEM, and just wanted to know could you recommend a pair of IEM Balanced Phones.( $200-400)
    Im just curious to see if theres much difference in sound quality using Balanced Mode.

    Thanks Paul.

  • Reply February 26, 2020

    Parag Majumdar


    which one is the best bluethooth headset under $50?

  • Reply June 6, 2020


    Brajesh from https://hozone.in
    I was going through noise cancellation headphone and I find this really confusing to choose between in-ear headphone and over ear headphone.
    I am not much comfortable with over year but I find them much useful. Can you suggest something good under $200?

  • Reply December 22, 2020


    I am looking for a bluetooth earphone and got confused between Sony WF-1000XM3 and Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. Can you please suggest which is better in terms of quality?



    • Reply January 23, 2023

      Patrick Chitanie

      I am searching for a nice strong better one an IEM for my new mp player and I wash thinking of price €150 for start so my question is it possible to say which one are better for a little bit every kind in music because I see a lot of reviews in IEM and start need a very good recommendation for my player an thought so I need help for my very first IEM is it possible say which one.

  • Reply June 17, 2021

    Mahesh Balan

    Best Headphone to buy in 2021?

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