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We are in a time, where working from home is not a special thing anymore. Even when the world is not at a major health crisis many people work from their home offices. Maybe the normal office is too far away, or maybe simply because they are One Person Companies. I know a few people whose office is where they sleep and eat. It’s a modern format. But working from home does take a bit to me. Not only does one need extra mental strength to share working and living space under one roof, but also the missing social contact can put a dent into one.

Whenever I work from home, I like to put on my stereo and listen to some good music or the radio. Today I thought, why not put together an ever growing list of albums with my fellow Headfonia writers, which we can listen to when working from home. Music we like or just recently discovered.

It is supposed to be a list of different styles. It doesn’t have to be specifically “audiophile” either. Anything that works to keep the productivity or mood up.

You are also very welcome to tell us what you are listening to when you are working at home.

Let’s start this installment with something rather experimental. Each week we’ll upload a new album, by a different HFN writer.

Week 2: Lieven -> Billie Eilish – When we all fall asleep where do we go?

I’m so not a fan of pop music, but this is something special. I listened to the album to see what all the fuss was about, and I instantly got hooked. Billie and her brother have created an album with a unique style including rhythmic changes, off-beat bass and basically things you don’t often hear. My favorite songs are “Xanny” and “Bury a friend”, make sure to give these an extra listen.

I also like using the album to test new gear as several tracks are especially good to test bass. If you manage to create a masterpiece so early in your life (she’s 18), a lot of people will be watching what you do next. I therefore can’t wait to see how her next album will sound, whenever that may come out. In the meantime you can listen to her latest track “No Time To Die“. That’s right, she got asked to write the sound track of the newest James Bond movie, an honor only very few ever experience.

My setup of the week, which I’ve been using for home working was this:

Auris Audio Headonia

Earmen Donald DAC

Hifiman Susvara (on a PlusSound Echo+ balanced cable)


Week 1: Linus -> Brandt, Brauer, Frick – Mr. Machine

I have been listening to this album for the better part of eight years now and it hasn’t stopped to amaze me with it’s great mastering, energy and liveliness.
For those who don’t know it, Mr. Machine is an orchestral remake of the group’s studio recording called “You make me real”. To me “Mr. Machine” is far and beyond though. Alone from a sound quality perspective it is miles better.

Today I have listened with the following gear to this album at home (everything fed by my self built Roon ROCK server. More on that later!):


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